Optimus 2X is no doubt the best smart phone available in the market. T-Mobile has design the phone with impressive technicalities. It has become the greatest asset in the Android market with HD and gaming console. However, the physical looks of the phone is not very inspiring.
The screen of the Optimus 2X is of 4 inches screen. The HDMI port is residing at the top of the phone, while stereo speakers, charge ports and Android buttons are residing at the bottom of the phone. On the right side, the volume button is placed and the left side is empty. Camera is residing on the back of the phone with the LED flash. The measurement of the phone is about 4.9 by 2.5 by 0.4 inches.

The resolution of the screen is 800 by 480 which is pretty sharp and lack in brightness. T-Mobile has explained that if they will have brighter screen then it will become blur and vibrant. The phone has quick and responsive touch screen. The phone has 4g HSPA+ network that ensures the 9 Mb/s. This gives the fastest downloading and browsing speed.

The Optimus 2X has 8 megapixel of the camera. But, its image is as same as that can be obtained from 5 megapixels camera. The detailing, color scheme and shots are also same. The browsing of pictures is quite faster than the other smart phones. The video recording can be done at 1080p. It is remarkable recording speed with such a small device.

The speed of the phone is super marvelous and unmatchable. The Optimus 2X has dual core Tegra 2 processor that has been used in the tablets. This feature has also given the cutting edge to the phone. The speed has created the bench mark in the smart phone market. The phone has 2.2 Android software; which is insufficient with the CPU requirement.

There are many games that can be enjoyed with the Optimus 2X. These games are not specially designed for Optimus 2X. So it is expected that in future; new games are designed for the phone. This phone can deliver the high power gaming excitement to the users, as it supports the HDMI out and 1080p. The phone can read formats like WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4 and AVIs files.

The battery life of the Optimus 2X is quite surprising. The phone can last for 12 to 15 hours with normal use over the 3G and 4G network. The market price of the phone is only $200 with 2 years of contract. With these features; $200 is really worth paying. Users will feel pleasure by using this smart phone.

There are some flaws in the phone, as well. Firstly, Optimus 2X is little slower in wake. The phone will require time to lock the phone. This can become reason for serious security issues. Another issue is intervals in the updating the clock and notification bar. These two issues are negligible when it is compared with the other features. So, this phone is worth purchasing and enjoying.

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