The fastest selling smartphone made by Samsung has finally landed in the United States. The Galaxy S II will be sold by 3 major phone companies; Sprint, T – Mobile, and AT&T. The Sprint’s model came to the market first presented as the Epic 4G Touch. Samsung Galaxy S II has major competition among the ranks of Sprint’s 4 G phones. The big question is will the Samsung Galaxy keep up?

Many people think the lightweight and the thin feeling of the Samsung Galaxy is cheap. Many people agree with this fact due to the solid build of the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy isn’t close to the sturdiness of the iPhone but with the nicer look than most phones gives the Galaxy an edge over the rest of the smartphones. The Galaxy is powered by a dual – core 1.2 GHz Samsung processor that made the phone a lot quicker to process. The applications work very good. Opening and closing applications almost instantly as commend. The Galaxy offers a 4.52 Super AMOLED plus display. Even though the display has a lower resolution of 800 x 48 pixels, but the Super AMOLED has become the favorite of many people today. The color and screen has received many compliments from friends and even strangers who have seen the Galaxy.

Samsung has added several new features into TouchWiz, and its UI overlay of Android. The UI is very quick, the widgets are greatly improving, and the colors are less distracting. Also Samsung has added a few email text and background color options for those who don’t like the black background all that much.

The camera on the Galaxy is equipped with an 8 megapixel which takes excellent pictures. The colors look so amazing on the Super AMOLED Plus screen. The images also look solid once transferred to the computer. The 8 megapixel is the best camera offered in Smartphone’s today. The Galaxy is capable of recording 1080p video with auto – focus, which is a great feature.

The battery life of the Galaxy is definitely one of the best out of the Android phones. It comes with a 1,800mAH battery which is able to power though a full day of moderate use. It last longer than most other smartphones.

If you are looking for the latest Android phone today, this is the phone for you. The Samsung Galaxy S II is considered to be one of the best smartphone made by Android so far today. So the answer to the question will the Samsung Galaxy S II keep up, yes it looks like it is up there with all the other smartphones and may even be the best as of right now.

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