What is commonly known as “running shirt” is normally manufactured from high-tech fabrics and designed expressly for maximum comfort when people are running. A number of different types have been designed and manufactured in order to accommodate a host of varying weather conditions, styles of running, and personal preferences. The cost of a running shirt can easily be up to three times as much as that of an average T-shirt, but, for those who enjoy running, the added features are worth all the cost.

And there are still some runners who wear a normal, cotton T-shirt during running, especially if they are run only occasionally or are just beginning to pick up the sport. A running shirt has numerous advantages over a plain T-shirt, especially when running those longer distances or in extreme temperatures. Depending on the conditions that running shirts are designed for,Skins Compression Clothing includes features to wick sweat away from skin, block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, and trap in body heat, control body odour and more.

What Is A Running Shirt and Why Do People Wear Them?

Warm to Hot Summer Months

Also, In addition to shirts that are designed solely for running, shirts designed for general athletic activities usually include many, if not all of the features found in a running shirt. Many running shirts that have been designed for warm hot summer months and temperatures highlight sweat-wicking and special odour-reducing fibres. Fabrics that may include silver or ceramic fibres can provide both anti-sweat and anti-odour properties and are known as “antimicrobial fabrics”.

Fragments of coconuts are involved in the making of some fabrics, which also are known to help reduce odours and provide UV protection. And then other fabrics, such as those manufactured with polypropylene material, have all three kinds of attributes.

To winter

The prime goal of a winter running shirt is to stay both warm and lightweight. Synthetic materials, such as polyester and fibre blends, have often been used for this purpose. Should natural fibres be what you are looking for and feel better wearing, there are more and more shirts being made with a lightweight cotton, wool or cotton and wool blended.

There is also a range of winter running shirts which include hoods or thumb holes in the sleeves to cover the hands and keep hands warm instead of wearing gloves. In harsh cold conditions, it is better to dress up in layers, including at least one running shirt and a lightweight jacket made from nylon or other wind-resistant materials.

And Beyond

Beyond the high tech features of running shirts, other important considerations naturally will include the style and the fit. Both men’s and women’s running shirts are all attainable in long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, and tank top styles, and women’s shirts are also available with a comfortable built-in sports bra. The fit of these garments can vary from loose to very snugly fitting compression shirts.

With such a range and choice, who can’t find one that suits them perfectly?!

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