Forging alliance with a criminal defense lawyer may not appeal to you at the moment; after all, you will never be one of those who would have run-ins with the law, wouldn’t you?  But, has it occurred to you that you can be an unwilling victim to a crime?

Take for instance, how scalawags in police uniform can harass their victims.

Many people have experienced being harassed by police officers, and they, as if on auto pilot, opened their doors for these men in uniform only to regret their actions later.

When do you draw the line between lawful and unlawful entry by a police officer in your home?  Are you obliged to open your door to just any police officer who demands entry?  Common sense dictates you should not, but a threat can make anyone do things against their will.

Qualities Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer Worth Your Time (And Money)

To avoid being victimized by lawless elements, you should know the law.

Ignorance of the law is no bliss; in fact, you can’t use it as an alibi to exonerate yourself from any crime.  Knowing the law is not a privilege; it is an obligation.  You should know the law in order to protect your rights, and those of your loved ones. Don’t become a victim because of ignorance; learn more about criminal justice by getting an online masters degree in criminal justice.

However, if you have not done your homework, and a police officer comes barging in into your home without reasonable cause, a criminal defense lawyer can come to your rescue.

But not just any other criminal defense lawyer.  Find someone with the following qualities:

  1. Expertise in Criminal Law
  2. All lawyers share basic qualifications; they all took the law course, and passed the bar.  However, not everyone specializes in criminal law.  When you are being charged with a criminal offense, deal with a criminal defense lawyer to up your chances of winning your case.

In addition, narrow your search to finding criminal defense lawyers who have extensive experience in cases similar to yours.

  1. “Walk the Talk”
  2. Find a criminal defense lawyer who sincerely means what he says.  A lot of lawyers can easily mince words about how they can help their clients with their cases, but only a few would be willing to walk the extra mile for them. An unreturned call may be a simple act of neglect, but it can be your basis for finding another criminal defense lawyer who truly cares about you and one who puts premium on your peace of mind.

  1. Excellent Track Record
  2. Although it may not be conclusive, as no two cases are exactly the same, but a criminal defense lawyer’s track record is your “preview” of the outcome of your case.

  1. Resourceful
  2. An effective criminal defense lawyer is one who thinks “out of the box”; one who is quick to devise new defense strategies just to win his client’s case.

It would also help if you can easily build rapport with your lawyer.  You would want to work with someone who is willing to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of your case, so as to limit surprises.  More importantly, choose a lawyer who believes in your case.  If you can find one, it’s as though your case is halfway won.

Why getting a Criminal Defense Lawyer is Crucial

You could be your company’s CEO, with a seven digit-income to your name, but a criminal defense attorney has the education, the training and skills set, plus the expertise to defend your case in court.

Having an I.Q. like Einstein does not guarantee you can flex an intellectual muscle on your case and win a verdict.  It does not work that way.

 If you are facing a serious criminal charge, and could be facing jail time, you should hire the services of a competent criminal defense lawyer.   He is the “Man for the Job.”

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