Phone cases are omnipresent these days as they are cheap, easily available with customizable accessory. They come in mind-boggling shapes and designs so there are a lot of options to choose from. But the most important reason to buy them would be, providing your phone drop-protection.

Cellphone case market is flooded with so many different varieties of cases made from different materials. If you are looking for HTC phone covers, or cases for any other mobile brand, you will notice that they are available in the following options in its material:

  1. Leather: This material always gives you sophisticated and classy look. It also imparts a high degree of protection to your case. The one thing that can impede your desire of buying these phones is its price. They usually come with an exorbitant price tag.
  2. Synthetic Leather: This is a cost effective alternative to the leather. They look somewhat like an original leather but are less durable. But because of its affordability, they are more common than the original leather.
  3. Rubber: As one can expect, cases made of rubber are flexible and strong. It also gives a good grip to its holder. They give good shock absorption and are popular among people who need cases for drop protection.
  4. Metal: They usually come in flip-style. Since they are made from metal, they are strong and durable but are costly.
  5. Cotton/Fabric: Phone cases are also made from natural or synthetic fibers. They are inexpensive and give good scratch protection. These are washable and comes in various designs and colors. They cannot provide any protection against falls.
  6. Hard plastic: This material is used to give your phone a sturdy look. They give a high level of protection and comes in various stylish designs.
  7. Combination of two material: Phone cases can be made by combining two materials. Hard plastic material sometimes used as an outer case and silicone gel is used to provide an internal cushion to your phone. This gives the best drop-protection to your phone. Miniturtle is one place where you can find these kinds of high-strength cases.

Extra features that you can look for while purchasing a phone case from an online store:

  1. Customizable: There are some manufacturers that give you the option of customization. A customer has the option to get the back cover design of their choice on the phone.
  2. Kickstand: This is a feature that has become very popular now. Many times we need to view a video in landscape mode and it becomes tiresome to hold the phone for long. If you have a kickstand, this could be a lot simpler.
  3. Belt clip: This is another popular feature that you can look for in a case. This makes it easy to control your device while you are jogging or cycling. You should go with a case that has a belt clip if you are into such activities.

Always keep your phone cover clean

It is important that clean your phone case periodically. You must have heard that our phones are the dirtiest thing we touch. A phone is one place where the most number of germs and bacteria live. It is thus recommended that if you get a phone case, you should clean it properly. You should wash the phone cover with the help of isopropyl alcohol if you have that. If you don’t have it, you can wash them with soap water too.

Buying a phone case can be an intimidating task. It can be a lot easier if you clearly determine your requirements and priorities.