We live in an era where speed is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. People are used to getting everything in three seconds or less, especially when it comes to technology. From apps to lightning-fast Internet to 24-hour ATMs, the world is quickly catering to a patience-free society. This is what today’s customer expects, and being able to deliver on this expectation can give your company a significant advantage.

When it comes to accessing stored data, the expectations are just as high, and cloud computing is proving to be a solution many companies are adopting for their storage requirements. The operating system OpenStack is a means of building a cloud-based storage system in which users can access information immediately, and here we’ll examine three central ways an OpenStack-based cloud can benefit your business.



With the advent of email, smartphones, and video conferencing, you’d think all of your industry’s communication challenges would be solved. Unfortunately, sharing with others is more complex than it needs to be, yet with quicker access to cloud storage, you can handle a client’s concerns in real time.

Moreover, members of your team can more effectively work together on joint projects, since files can be edited by all authorized users and updated instantly. No more awkwardly emailing large files or spending time repeatedly doing the same work.


Your clients are equally feeling the pressure from customers to offer faster, better service. If they can’t find it from one company, they’ll simply move on to another. Having real-time access to a large supply of data through OpenStack limits customers’ wait times and puts you at a significant advantage over competing companies. Because time is money, customers are also willing to pay more for optimum efficiency.

According to a recent Neovise report, 54 percent of organizations are already using public or private clouds, and maximizing the opportunities within the cloud puts your company at an advantage over the (slightly under) half of the industry that hasn’t yet caught on.


Of course, technology is only as effective as its application. If your company doesn’t understand the ins and outs of cloud computing, you might come up unexpectedly short in the benefits department. Determine how much space your company will need before committing to an OpenStack-based cloud in order to maximize its flexibility and storage space efficiency.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your team is well trained in utilizing the cloud to its full potential. It might be worth talking to HR about hiring new employees with cloud or OpenStack experience to help oversee and train current employees in using this technology. Since the technology is relatively new, you may consider hiring an intern for introductory help as well.

Studies have shown that cloud computing is continually growing as a business resource. Even though not every business has caught on yet, your company can gain greater advantages and more long-term clients by utilizing advanced resources before anyone else. Small businesses especially can benefit from new cloud computing developments, since the OpenStack-based cloud is a cost-effective way of storing information and being able to access it in real time. Staying in the loop might require a few self-evaluations throughout the year, but with the time you save from cloud computing, you won’t miss out on lost opportunities.

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