With Spring just around the corner you might be thinking that dirty driveway and sidewalks could use a good cleaning with a pressure washer. The Winter takes its toll on decks and fences with moss growth or even just a little dirty. If you’re the do it yourself type you might be tempted to rent or buy a pressure washer for the job however there are some very good reasons to think about hiring a service for the task.

While it is possible to rent or buy your own the machinery and process can be dangerous, the water pressure needed is powerful enough to cause serious injury. It can pierce the skin and eyes if exposed and should be used with extreme caution.

Why Hire Instead Of Renting A Pressure Washer

Another point to consider is that machines that are available to rent or buy may not deliver enough pressure to do a good job. Because rentals are rented out over and over again they could prove to be destructive and potentially hazardous and deliver less power than you might be expecting. You could potentially waste your money and time only to find out the job or final results were disappointing.

The cost of hiring a professional pressure washing service is between 8 and 80 cents per square foot according to Angie’s List. These prices will depend on local rates and what sort of project you need done. As for the exterior of a house a typical 2100 square foot house will be between $150 and $750. Be sure to check with your local health department if the paint used on your home’s exterior contains lead.

After reading the above information you may decide to hire a professional Vancouver pressure washing company, here are some questions to ask before you hire a professional pressure washing service. Inquire about how much pressure they plan to use which is measured by pounds per inch and gallons per minute. Ask if they believe the more power is needed for all surfaces, all companies don’t agree on this idea and may opt for less  power on wood, grout and roofing. Whether the company uses environmentally friendly solutions may be another concern for you so be sure to ask about it or whether you use hot or cold water for the job. In some cases hot water does a  better job with greasy surfaces for example.

For more information contact your Local Pressure Washing.