We know that short films are good for three things: to practice, as inspiration for a bigger project, and as a way to showcase your talents. Regardless of the purpose for which you pursue this art, there are some important aspects of the production of short films you should know about to grab the attention of the audience.

It must have great production value. If you are a director or producer, then you need to make a short film as if it were made with at least five times what the actual budget is.

One of the important aspects of the production of short films is the choice of place. Choose large places that add a visual element to your story and allow great shooting options. A great location can make or break your movie. It can be the key to creating tone and mood, and it can make your story look much more expensive, or it can make it look small, cheesy or as if it was filmed in a bathroom.

If you have money for your short film, you should invest it in the technical department. Regardless of the size of the production, a well-fed team is a happy team.

Apart from the important aspects of the production of short films that are related to the technique, a great short film is also about telling a great story. Although it is very good for a short film to feel like it could continue and could not offer a bigger story to explore, it still needs some purpose.

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Meanwhile, often the hardest part is deciding where your story is, where it should start so that you can create a world. The easiest way to find out is often through a character.

The creation of the characters becomes another important aspect in the production of short films because you do not have the room to launch them and showcase their life’s backgrounds and aspirations. You have about a page worth of words to tell the entire story of a character.

Along with the ability to tell a complete and original story in very few pages, a writer and director should always be trying to regain his voice and style. It’s not just the story you tell, but how you say it.

With a short, it’s not just about the big idea. This is a great idea that can be told concisely. These were some key aspects of the production of a potentially profitable short film; we hope they will help you with your projects.

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