A most brands grapple with: “How can I stay relevant in this ever changing business space?”

Many agents of change spins out a fine blend of time-tested marketing strategies and new technologies to establish a multi-platform connect with their customers. Some choose direct mail, some choose social media and some choose both.

In the year 2016, let’s take a peek into three defining marketing strategies that will change the way brands get deep insights and make deeper connections with their customers.

  1. Make a video

With the evolution of technology, you have gained access to many things right at the click of a button Video is an innovative way to send a personalized message to your customers and stay different from your competition. Videos can feature on your social channel or website or can be part of your email campaign.

Few tips for making videos:

  • Don’t follow a template used by many for your explainer videos.
  • Remove unprofessional content
  • Remove background noise
  • Keep it crisp and short
  1. More marketing touch points

Marketing touch points are connections and interactions you make with your customers through calls, emails, personal notes, visits, social messaging and more. The list of top clients who refer your business to others should get more attention.

Once you are done with sending emails and product flyers, you should always follow up over a call. This adds a personal note to the interaction.

Ever heard of a pop-by? This is to stop by the client’s place to deliver a gift and snap a picture of it with them holding it.

Customers are delighted with these touch points.

  1. Get a CRM that makes your job easy

CRM software has been around for years. Small and medium businesses are learning its importance slowly. Do your bit of research before adopting a CRM package. SMBs can go for all-in-one CRM packages like Zoho, Infusionsoft, Agile CRM that integrate CRM and Marketing Automation on a single platform.

A good CRM will make your job easier and with one software you can handle all your sales and marketing activities, email marketing campaigns, telephony and many more.

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Author’s Bio: Raja Satish is a Tech blogger who writes primarily on CRM, Marketing Automation and covers the entire gamut of Marketing. When he is not writing, he is found reading articles and blogs written by others. An avid technophile and app lover, Raja is fascinated by all the latest trends, innovations and happenings in technology.

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