There are dozens of recommended ways to detoxify our body and here are some of them:

4 Ways to Detoxify Our Body

  1. Drink plenty of water: If we feel that our body is loaded by so much toxins after month of eating processed and fast foods; it is a good idea to drink more than the recommended amount of water. Instead of drinking 8 large glasses of water, we could drink 12 each day. Our aim is to urinate often and make sure that the color of our urine is nearly clear. It means that our body is more active in removing toxins from our system. We also need to exercise more, so water can also be released through our sweat. It means that our body can be flushed from multiple directions. Again, we should consume enough dietary fiber, to ensure smooth process of the digestion system. Waste can be removed from our colon each day. We should be able to do this, if much of our food contains organic vegetables and fruits; as well as grains. Probiotics could also support in improving our detoxification. Other than drinking probiotics-loaded dairy products, we should also eat oatmeal daily, because it is the favourite food of good bacteria.
  2. Consume more sulphur-based substances: Sulphur-based substances we get from fresh food are essential for detoxification. There are multiple metabolic pathways that are used to eliminate toxins and this can be achieved by using sulphur. Garlic is a natural source of garlic and it can help to safeguard our body from free radicals. Garlic is able to maintain ideal levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. Blood flow through the circulatory system can also be improved.
  3. Use herbs: There are a number of herbs that can help to detoxify our body. By choosing the right herb, we can improve the detoxification process of our body. As an example, the marine herbs; chlorella can detoxify our body and remove pollutants from water, air and food. It attracts and binds traces of insecticides and pesticides that enter our body through food. Spanish black radish is known for its ability to reduce liver congestion. We can also reduce constipation, virus load and diarrhea. Other herbs that can help to detoxify our body is dandelion root, ginger, andrographus, turmeric and Echinacea.
  4. Get professional help: When we have severe cases of toxicity, it is a good idea to ask professionals for help. This will help us to remove chemicals that can’t be removed through normal methods. Common symptoms of toxicity are inability to follow through, lack of motivation, lassitude, inability to make effective choices and cloudy thinking. In the end, we could become profoundly ill, especially because damaging substances, certain chemicals and heavy metals could harm our body. Higher chemical content could also mean that the incidence of cancer will be higher. By detoxifying our body, we could make sure that we will be less harmed. Not just cancer, other degenerative diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems can be prevented.
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