All sorts of things can go wrong with teeth. Typically, it is just a simple cavity requiring a basic filling and everything is all taken care of. Other times, the cavity runs too deep and destroys most of the tooth. At this point, the bad part of the tooth needs to be cut away and a dental crown must be made and affixed to the remaining tooth. This restores the shape and function of the tooth while protecting what is still left of the original tooth. This is sometimes also called “capping” a tooth, though that term refers more to simple cracks and damages.

The Wonderful Invention Of The Dental Crown

When a Dental Crown is Necessary

Consider the fact that a cracked, broken, or generally unstable tooth is simply vulnerable to more damage those teeth which are completely healthy. One can actually keep cracked or damaged teeth by getting crowns to fully repair and reinforce the entire tooth and all the damage. Sometimes teethe are severely worn down from grinding and they then become cracked and more vulnerable to cavities. This is where crowns can be placed to protect the teeth and restore them to their original shape. Other times, people may consider a type of dental crown necessary for cosmetic purposes. For example, there may be a tooth which one considers unsightly. Finally, any time a tooth is damaged in an accident, it is important to get a crown on as soon as possible so the tooth is not lost.

Dental Crown Types

Of course there are different types of crowns and it is up to the dentist which is best for a given situation. These are the kinds of materials a good dental care professional must consider and why they order supplies from reputable dental laboratories.

Permanent crowns are made from materials like metals, porcelain, porcelain bonded to metals, resins, and ceramic. All of the options are durable, some look different than others and some like porcelain, are considered ideal.

Stainless steel is a common option because of its affordability and durability, but they are temporary and will have to be replaced with another crown eventually. This crown is used to protect the tooth or a structural filling placed in the tooth while the crown is being fabricated by the dental laboratory.

The option to use metal crowns is a good choice for molars, since they are out of sight. The metal crowns are highly durable and can last longer than any other. There are a variety of metals and allows to choose from. Porcelain is also considered to be a strong option and is bonded well to the damaged tooth in order to match the color and texture of the original tooth.

Importance of Quality

Regardless of what type of material is selected for a dental crown, quality of the material and assurance of that quality is of great importance. Dentists choose wisely to pick the best dental laboratories who strive constantly to use only the most advanced, high-quality, durable materials available on the dental market.

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