Aptitude tests are often taken by the employers to understand the cognitive capacity of the candidate. Today, people are looking for job globally. And they want to build their career strong by having a job in foreign country. To get an effective job in foreign industry, you need to face global aptitude assessment test.

Through such test, the companies evaluate the capacity of the candidates to perform the specific tasks. Usually, the cognitive test includes numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning. Having a good score in such exam can increase your chance to get accepted by high-end international companies.

How To Prepare For Global Aptitude Assessment Test

Which Cognitive Tests Are Taken to Evaluate the Candidates?

To evaluate the capability of a candidate, he has to go through the following types of tests-

  • Fluid Intelligence

Here, the candidates need to think abstractly and strategically to solve the problems. The quicker you are in this genre; you can able to score higher. To increase your fluid intelligence, you should have the following skills-

  • Effective problem-solving skill
  • Thinking strategically
  • Ability to learn new skills fast
  • Capacity to integrate new information quickly
  • Be ambiguous while making decisions

The aptitude tests of this group are-

  • Conceptual aptitude test
  • Inductive reasoning test
  • Diagrammatic reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test

You will be tested through following evaluation process to test fluid intelligence-

  • There will be a set of non-verbal test questions and candidates have to complete them within a predefined time.
  • Candidates usually get 30 seconds to complete the set of questions.
  • You will get a question about multiple options. You have to find the one correct option.
  • You need to think logically to answer the questions or often you need to find the odd-one-out from the set of data.
  • Crystalized Intelligence

This is determined by your ability to learn from your past experience and apply your knowledge whenever the situation demands. There are certain areas where crystallized intelligence is used and that includes producing reports and analysing them, using statistics and numbers to make your report authentic, comprehending work instructions, etc.

The aptitude tests are taken in this group are-

  • Verbal aptitude tests
  • Spatial aptitude tests
  • Numerical aptitude tests
  • Mechanical aptitude tests

Here are the ways that the test will evaluate your capacity to perform the job-

  • Candidates will be given numerical or verbal problems which they need to complete within the predefined time limit.
  • You will be given multiple options and you need to find one the correct one from them.
  • You will get test questions on statements, graphs or tables. You need to analyse given data and come up with appropriate business decisions.

Test Structure for Aptitude Tests

Usually, you get multiple choice questions and have to complete those within given time limit. Often tests get difficult as you level up. Thorough practice can bring success to you. You will be scored as it is if you give correct answers. Sometimes, there are also negative marking.

These are the essential things you need to know before appearing for global aptitude tests. Before going for the final one, you can take online practice tests to brush up your skills.