These days, cars are stolen at alarming rate. During more difficult economic condition, people could start lose their livelihood due to bankruptcy and layovers. There are many opportunities for car thieves to run off with the car. They could even break into our property and disable the car alarm by cutting wire. In some cases, these thieves are actually experts who may have lost their jobs. Some car owners install redundant alarm systems, as an example the horn could blare continuously when the primary alarm system is disabled. However, not many cars are equipped with such system.

There are many ways to improve the security of our system. As an example, we could make sure that the alarm is always active when we are not using the car. Before we leave the car, we should make sure that the security alarm is enabled and the car is locked. However, there’s a possibility thieves find a way to circumvent the system. In this case, we should make sure that the system can’t be overridden easily through an easy-to-reach panel. We should consult the mechanics to make sure that the alarm system is tamper proof.

As additional security measure, we could attach a lock onto the steering wheel. There’s no guarantee that such a lock could prevent thieves from stealing the car. However, the existence of the physical obstacle could discourage those thieves, because they tend to choose the easiest car that they can steal. It would also be better to park the car under the street light or other brightly-lit places. But, if we can’t find bright places, we should make sure that we can have clearer view of the car. We could also use hardened steering locks, one at the top and another connected to the pedals.

Even if we have the most secure system, it wouldn’t do any good if our area is crime-ridden. We should talk to the local representatives, municipal office and neighbours to improve the security system in the area. Dark areas invite thieves, so everyone in the neighbourhood should work together to improve the lighting system. If possible, the housing complex would have some kind of barricade that prevent cars from being driven outside the area. Obviously, these checkpoints must be manned during the night.

In general, we shouldn’t take car theft lightly, because they could become more violent or proficient. Some car thieves actually carry firearms, so we should try to foil their attempts by working together. As an example, the neighbourhood could work together to hire a few security personnel that patrol the housing area each night. Their mere presence could deter car thieves and they may look to steal cars elsewhere. They will not only prevent car thefts, but house robberies as well. The police force typically has limited resources, so we often need to take the initiatives.

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