When it comes to plastic surgery, you want to love the results! After all, changing the look of a feature is a big decision. Rhinoplasty is a similar case, if you are prepared for the surgery, you will be happy with the results.

Will Rhinoplasty Make Me Happy?

We all have surgery fear and if it’s not fear of being under knife, it’s the fear of being in OT. In this case, the fear of investing in plastic surgery and not ending up with the results you wished for can make things worse. We know how this feels, so we’re giving you a list of tips so you can end up happy with your Rhinoplasty results.

Tips for Getting the Rhinoplasty Results You Want

Research about the Procedure:

Like any other surgical procedure, Rhinoplasty has risks and benefits. Either case, your thorough research and understanding of the procedure is very important. This makes you set realistic expectations. We recommend looking up at reliable sources for information, consulting an expert surgeon, looking at the before and after photos, talking to friends or patients who have already had Rhinoplasty.

You can research about the three different types of Rhinoplasty procedures: Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – it results in subtle changes to nose irregularities on the nose. Revision Rhinoplasty – any issues with the first procedure can be fixed with revision surgery. Functional Rhinoplasty – It’s a procedure that addresses impaired nasal airways and enables the patient to breathe easily.

Understand Your Goals Clearly:

An understanding of what Rhinoplasty can let you achieve is exactly what you should be thinking. A decision and understanding of what you want to do with your nose will clear your goals. DO you want to make your nose look smaller? Do want to straighten the bone? Is it the hump you want to reduce? Once you answer the questions, you are ready for Rhinoplasty in Atlanta and you will be in a position to speak to a surgeon at Crispin Plastic Surgery Center.

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Wisely:

Plastic surgery results depend a lot on the surgeon carrying the procedure out. Choosing a highly skilled profession to operate is another step to making yourself happy. Even when the rest of the things are done right and you have taken all the steps perfectly, a bad surgeon can make the entire process look like a wrong step. Consider the following points before choosing the surgeon:

  • Ensure that the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. If a surgeon has more than one certification, that’s even better.
  • Choose the surgeon that has specialization in Rhinoplasty. A surgeon who specializes in that specific field should have more skills than the others in the operating room. Moreover, Rhinoplasty specialist will have an up to date and the latest nose surgery techniques and technologies.
  • Check for the medical license status of the surgeon.
  • Look at the credentials, training, and education detail of the surgeon.
  • Look at the before and after photos, testimonials, and reviews. Even if you are referred to a center, recheck everything to ensure the surgeon is reliable.
  • See if the surgery center offers cosmetic imaging technology. This will enable you to see the results on your face before the procedure.

Confirm Your Decision and Choice after a Face-to-Face Consultation:

 Despite the status of credentials, the surgeon might not be the best choice for you. A face to face consultation will enable you to talk to the surgeon and understand if the surgeon is compatible with you, if the surgeon listens to you, if the surgeon is comfortable to talk to, and if he is capable of helping you out with your goals.

The surgeon should also show you a preview of Rhinoplasty results with the help of cosmetic imaging technology. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable with the surgeon, you should look for another one. While the consultation will reveal a lot about the surgeon, it should allow the surgeon to understand your goals as well.

Let your surgeon ask you questions and answer them honestly. Ask questions concerning Rhinoplasty, ask for the type of rhinoplasty that should be practiced on you, how long the procedure will take, and how many procedures has the surgeon performed. Continue to ask anything and everything you need to know.


If you follow all these tips and keep yourself well prepared for the surgery before hand, you should be able to achieve the results you want. Remember that, plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are there to enhance your appearance, abnormal deformities, correct accidental issues, and contour your body even to the an extent that is naturally achievable. So keep it close to natural and only get it done if necessary.

Plastic surgery procedure does give an individual confidence and enhances what once seemed as a dream. But since plastic surgery is expensive and also requires a specific healing time, moreover time for recovering from pain and wound, therefore only get it done if necessary.

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