Not everybody can be a good recruitment consultant like Dave Cole Fox. Even he had to build himself up over time, by working in several similar positions. He first went to work as Sales Associate of the Mobile Solution. But it was in 2013 at his tenure with Computer Futures did he figure out that he was truly gifted as a recruitment professional. He displayed his prowess as a recruiter in that office and so gained the confirmation that he can perform well as a recruiter. He then put those skills to use along with the added skills of entrepreneurship. He, along with his wife Britany, opened up Focus Global Solutions in the year 2018. Here is focused on recruiting the right people for technical positions. The company was able to earn $2 million in just a year along with a portfolio of remarkable clients.

But what really made Dave Cole Fox really stand out in this profession when the others could not match his level? There are certain qualities that recruiters possess, that makes them stand out from other recruiters. It is those qualities that take them to the top and give them a name in their industry.


This is pretty general, yet very true. A person needs to have the drive to do better in whatever they are doing. If you do not have the motivation to do what you do, you will not progress any further. You will remain at a standstill, and your performance will show your discouragement. This is true in any occupation. If you wish to get noticed by your manager, then you will have to exude motivation to work. An employee who is motivated does not see failure as failure. Instead, they take it as a lesson to be learned.


There is a reason so many scholars and therapists suggest to maintain a positive attitude. Not only does that help you in life, but also in other aspects like work. Even though a recruiter is not able to find the right candidate for the position, giving up should not be an option in their book. They should come up with better and more refined ways to find the perfect match for the vacancy.

Good communication skills

A person with good communication skills always makes for a good recruiter. Your communication skills as a recruiter will be tested the minute you are assigned the task of marketing a job vacancy. You should be able to communicate well what your company wants and what the candidate should have. You should encircle the entire aspect, talking about what the company stands for and where you wish to be in the future.

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