A lot of new woodworkers are confused about the tools they need to have before starting out with their first project and while it is pretty obvious that you’ll be adding a lot of tools and accessories as you grow with your skill level, there are a few tools that will allow you to complete almost every project you can get your hands on.


If you’re just starting out, then all you need is a quality stationary base router (while you have the option to go with a plunge router, you won’t really need it for your first few projects).

Make sure that your router features at least 2 HP of power and that its rotational speed can be varied at set increments.

7 Best Power Tools For Woodworking

Router Tables

Once you have the router of your choice, you need to invest in a high quality router table.

Getting a router table will really allow you to add artistic cuts, grooves and shapes to your work-piece.

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Circular Saws

While circular saws are more of a carpentry tool than a fine woodworking one, it is definitely one of the best used tools that I have in my arsenal.

And while you can get it at almost half the price, the circular saw can be as accurate as a table saw without the added bulk or the expensive price tag.

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Power Drill

If you’re planning to go with more subtle and easy projects then you might get away with a light and versatile cordless drill, but you’re in for some serious business then Power Drill is definitely the way to go.


Jigsaw is something that allows you to make artistic designs and cuts. Its basic function is to cut circular and curved cuts in your stock and you can be definite that you’ll need one right from your first project.

Table Saw

While circular saws can handle most of the lightweight cutting processes, if you’re in for the long haul and are planning to work on complex projects and heavyweight stock then you definitely need a table saw.

If used seriously, this one tool will become the heart and soul of your workshop.

Compound Miter Saw

Even though you might be thinking about getting a table saw or a circular saw; you definitely need a compound miter saw if you’re planning on cutting compound angles on the ends of a workpiece.

While compound miter saw is for the advanced woodworkers, it is always a good idea to get acquainted and preferably master your tools rather sooner than later.

Well, these are the top 9 woodworking power tools that you need to make sure you have in your workshop to get the best out of your projects.

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