The holiday season is approaching, and you still haven’t decided what you will get for the girls in your life, your sister, mom, daughter, best friend or girlfriend? Not cool! It is high time that you pick an ideal gift that she will fall in love with the instant she sees it. Fresh out of ideas? We have some suggestions that are going to save your day and bring a huge smile to the face of your beautiful family and friends.

Since winter conveniently coincides with the holiday season, the perfect gift is winter wear. With current fashion trends and particularly if your girl is into the latest fashion, opt for knitwear as it is very much the trend this season.

These 5 knitwear items are the ones that are going to get you in the ‘best friend/sister/daughter/mother of the year award book’ of your beloved. Read on to find out more.

1.    Handmade High Neck Jumpers

There is no gift better than the one you make yourself. One of the most stylish, cozy and beautiful presents that you can give your loved ones is a DIY high neck jumper! You can use gorgeous, warm yarns to come up with a design of your choice. To make sure that the girl likes what you have created, opt for colors that bring out her eyes or the rosy tint in her cheeks.

You can also knit a jumper that is reminiscent of a mutual memory. For example, you can knit a yellow sweater for your mum, just like she did for you when you were a baby. Or create a super warm blue jumper for your best friend, the color she was wearing when you swore to remain each other’s best girl for life! If you haven’t yet gotten the chance to knit or you doubt that you’ll have the time to knit something, you can check out many online boutiques in US that offer beautiful knitwear with special sales during the holiday season.

2.    Knitted Mobile Friendly Hand Warmers

The worst thing about winters is probably cold hands. It means that no matter how warm you may get if there is nothing on your hands you can pretty much have frozen fingers instantly. But if you do end up wearing gloves, it means getting other things done like using a smartphone is next to impossible.

This is where knitted hand warmers come in the picture. They leave half your fingers free so that you can do all your work quickly while the hands stay warm. The best touch, you can create them yourself! All you will need is a variety of wool and some knitting needles. Pick up a pattern that you think your mom/daughter/sister/friend will like best and get knitting.

For your girl, get the most stylish ones you can find. They come in a variety of colors and designs from fur-lined hand warmers to interesting knitted ones. Get the ones you think your girlfriend will like best.

3.    Warm Handmade Shrug/Shawl

There is nothing that looks chic the same way as a shawl or shrug. It goes with pretty much everything that you wear, and the end result is just so stylish. Many celebrities opt for shawls or shrugs during the winter season to save themselves from chilly winds instead of bulky sweaters or coats.

You can knit one for your lovely ladies too. Considered to be the simplest thing to knit, they can be done by beginners too. Choose yarns that are super warm and light. Opt for something shimmery and fancy so the shrug can be worn to parties as well!

You will be so satisfied to see the look of pure delight on your friend’s face when she opens her present!

4.    DIY Knitted Cushion Covers

Want to gift something other than clothes? Well, cushions are the cuddliest and most cozy things you can come across winters, especially if they are knitted with love. Why don’t you knit a cushion cover, stuff the fluffiest cushion in it and present it to your loved ones this year? Not only your lady friends and family will like it, but male friends would be impressed too! You can select colors or designs that bring back a pleasant memory for both of you.

5.    Throw rug for the Sofa/bed

If a cushion seems an incomplete gift, then you can pair it with a throw rug for her bed or sofa. These warm rugs ensure that your loved ones sleep snugly no matter how cold or chilly it may get. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also very much in trend too! Just be sure to pick a yarn that is incredibly soft yet very warm! You can do the rug in more than one color to bring festivity to your gift.

Not really an expert at knitting? There are literally hundreds of videos and patterns that you can choose from! You can even select some items, create a basket for knitting lover and present them with that to knit something they might like for themselves! So which knitwear do you plan to surprise your loved ones with this season? Let us know in the comments!


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