These days, there is no dearth of options pertaining to electrical contacts that are used in a wide variety of appliances, motors, thermostats, air conditioners, and power meters. If you are still curious know what an electrical contact actually is then do know that it is electrical circuit component that features in relays, connectors, electrical switches, circuit breakers and so forth. Every contact is made of electrically conductive material, which is usually metal.

Electric current is passed when pair of such devices touches each other at the right spot. In the event of the pair remaining separated via an insulating gap, there is no passing of current in between the two contacts. In other words, the switch remains in the ‘closed’ position when the contacts touch each other; and in the ‘open’ position when they are separated.

According to experts responsible for the manufacture and sale of Derringer Ney electrical contacts, the gap can be created only with the help of an insulating medium like vacuum, oil, air, SF6 or any other insulating fluid. You can operate the switches and push buttons placed on them by applying mechanical pressure in machine cams and sensors, and through electronic means in relays.

The surfaces wherein these contacts are capable of touching are usually manufactured from gold alloys or silver. In other words, they are made of elements with high electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, and other compatible properties. Apart from the surface of these contacts and their surrounding areas, the electrical contacts usually comprise of other metals for cost and mechanical reasons.

In case you are looking for reliable and high quality stampings, rivets, welded, contact tape, staked and brazed assemblies, then it is best to look online for such products at specialty portals like Deringer-Ney. The electrical contacts produced by such a company can be used in a host of appliances, thermostats, air conditioners, motors, power meters and other devices. Nurtured by the newest technology, these cost-effective products are known for solving performance problems, are available with ROHS compliance, and go a long way in attaining helpful cost reductions for all clients.

Be it solid contacts, bimetal contacts, or customized cold formed parts, this Company manufactures different products with silver and silver alloys, gold alloys, silver with compatible metal oxides, and others. Therefore you have a large-sized or low-volume need for startups or service, all that you need to do is get in touch with the representatives at Deringer-Ney for the best returns on your investments.

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