For car enthusiasts, there are many ways they can choose to boost the performance of their car. One of them is by adding the nitrous oxide injection system to their supercharged car. It is all about achieving the highest level of performance. There are many reasons people use nitrous oxide and it can be the cheapest way to boost horsepower. Nitrous oxide is a cheap way to gain the highest horsepower improvement per dollar. It should be noted that nitrous oxide is actually quite cold and it is released from the small tank at minus 127 degrees Fahrenheit.

As reported by car enthusiasts, nitrous oxide could actually lower the temperature of hot supercharged air by more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it could help us prevent overheating. This makes nitrous oxide a great proposition for cars that already max out the performance level that they get from the superchargers. In this case, some car enthusiasts may not be satisfied with the overall performance, although the supercharger already runs at its peak rpm and the temperature becomes alarmingly high. The injected nitrous oxide could boost the overall thermal efficiency.

The delivery of nitrous oxide into the supercharging system should be quite straightforward. It will be easy to tune and setup the system. The delivery configuration can be set up entirely independent of the existing fuel injection system and ECU. This would make it possible to install nitrous oxide even in modern cars with rigid computer-controlled fuel injection. It should be noted that the use of nitrous oxide is intended for racing purposes. Also, supercharged cars with nitrous oxide typically work better in winter months, because the ambient temperature is much lower.

In this case, people who want to experience enhanced experience with their powerful car could take advantage of the cold dense air during winter. Racers also find it useful to combine the nitrous oxide injection with other forced induction systems, such as turbochargers. In any case, the pressure of the nitrous oxide tank should be maintained above 1100 psi. The flow rate of nitrous oxide should be kept under sustained level, but this could be rather difficult to achieve during winter months. It means, we may need to install and enable tank heater during winter months to ensure smoother flow of the gas. We need to consider that nitrous oxide is essentially an oxidizer substance, so it will improve the fuel combustion process.

There are things to consider when we stop the nitrous oxide injection system. We shouldn’t spray it into the intake air temperature sensor. When any temperature-dependent sensor is affected by the cold blast of nitrous oxide, it could inform the ECU to adjust the timing to compensate for the colder condition. We should also avoid spraying nitrous oxide to the supercharger, because this could strip the coating and damage the system. In general, we should make sure that we could adjust the ait to fuel settings with enough flexibility.

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