The car safety technology has expanded significantly in the past few decades. Now, we can implement various technologies to reduce the possibility of accidents. Even in low-end cars, there should be airbags and seatbelts to keep us protected throughout the day. For example, the current GPS systems are cheap and ubiquitous. We could find them installed on many cars. In fact, tablets and smartphones already have built-in mapping feature that can be integrated with GPS technology. By checking and evaluating our routes, we should be more prepared. For example, our route could lead us to roads with one steep cliff at one side or both sides.

Before we drive to a new location, it is a good idea to overview our route. Smartphones could also provide us with weather forecast, so we could prepare ourselves when we need to drive on narrow, winding roads that can be quite slippery during rain. In general, GPS equipments should be installed on all cars whenever possible. The absence of early warning systems could result in accidents. There are also combined GPS and WiFi technology that informs car owners if other car is in proximity while we are in a very quiet road. Although even the most sophisticated equipments can predict all the accidents, we should install them.

In general, we should equip our cars with features that can alert us when collisions are imminent whether by sounds or lights. This could allow them to control the car properly and avoid any kind of accident. However, accidents could still happen when the driver is drunk or doesn’t have the ability to control the car and avoid the collision in time. In this case, there are systems that can take the control car over from the driver, although we may need to be sure that the system could work properly in all conditions. A simpler application will be to slow the car down when the system detects an imminent collision, so at least the impact can be minimized.

In general, the cost of such system should be miniscule compared to the cost of the car. In this case, we may only need to spend a few hundreds of dollars for each GPS and collision avoidance system. The government has mandated such a system to be installed on all available cars, but if it does, we could see significant reductions in road accidents that involve not only cars, but also buses, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians. In this case, we could take the initiative to install such system, because safety should be considered as the utmost importance.

The technology has improved significantly in recent years and many accidents can be prevented easily, if we know what to do. Some of the GPS and collision avoidance equipments can be quite small, so they won’t intrude the interior of our car. They can be embedded in inside the dashboard and the latest advances in mass production have made it easier to find products at much lower pricing. In fact, we could already get personal GPS locator that we could put in our pocket. In general, any car with proper security system could make us feel safer and comfortable.

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