In general, it is not advisable to wash our car in direct sunlight or in hot weather for various reasons. It is clear that water would dry quickly and this will leave shampoo residue on the surface. This could result in unsightly water spots and drip marks. If we leave them for too long, it can be difficult to remove these marks and it is possible for us to damage the paintwork. In general, it is preferable to wash the car in cool or shade conditions, especially if we live in hot or sunny climate. Even so, there are cases that it is unavoidable for us to wash the car in this condition.

In general, we shouldn’t battle against the heat and we could wash our car safely and properly. However, there are a number of things that we should do. We should consider a number of precautions that can minimize the extent of damage. The most sensible thing is to wash the car in the morning, before it gets hot. If we start washing at 7 AM, there should be enough time to wash the car, because it generally takes one hour or so to wash our car properly. It is also important to choose the proper type of shampoo and some are designed for direct sunlight.

Regardless of the brand, the car wash product should be wax friendly, pH neutral, gentle and mild. It should contain natural ingredients whenever possible. In general, we should our research properly to help us find more appropriate products. Harsh ingredients could result in stubborn residue marks that are hard r remove. Contaminants and deposits found in the water itself could also cause unsightly mark on the surface when it dries. We may use the right type of filtration units to minimize the deposits and help us purify the water. In general, washing the car under hot condition could be more time consuming and effortful, because we need to do it more quickly.

In general, we should properly prepare everything before we wet the surface of the car. As an example, our wash buckets should already be filled with water and shampoo. The pressure washer and hose pipe should already be properly turned on and connected. We should make sure that the hose has enough length, so we could reach all parts of the car easily. Brushes and tools should be placed nearby, so we can reach them easily. This should reduce the chance of water gets dry too quickly. In this case, we no longer need to fiddle about and move around too much during washing.

The wheels can be rinsed and washed last, so we could prioritize the painted surface first. In general, we should wash the car in a single step from the top and then, we need to work our way down to the tires themselves. The top part of the car should be clean and dry first, followed by lower parts of the car.

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