It is important to undertake everything in the right order and correct manner when wash our car. This could prevent us from inflicting unwanted damages and also make sure that all parts of the car are properly cleaned and we don’t miss or overlook anything. Y regularly washing our car, we should be able to come up with satisfactory final outcome. More importantly, there’s nothing that will be jeopardized during this activity. It could be rather easy for to slip into wrong methods without realizing it. In any way, this could cause us to damage our car.

In any case, we shouldn’t damage our car and we should make sure that the final results are properly refined. For starters, we should be sure that all the equipments and products we need are available nearby. As an example, pressure washers and hosepipes should be sufficiently unravelled and they are long enough to allow us reach all parts of the car. The first stage is by washing uppermost part of our car, all the way down to the wheels and tires. It should be noted that we should take more attention on the wheels and tire, because they are often the dirtiest of all.

After cleaning the painted surface, we should properly rinse it. This will remove any remaining contaminants and dirt that are not removed by the previous contact washing. We could use pressure washer that is attached with the suitable attachment. Ideally, the entire car should be rinsed properly. We should also consider using pre-cleaning products, so we could makes sure that contaminants and dirt can be removed more effectively. After rinsing the surface, we should quickly dry the surface using proper micro-fiber cloths. We shouldn’t use chamois leather, because it tends to cause swirl marks and marring when the surface is drier.

After all parts of the car are properly dry, we could proceed with other steps, such as polishing and protecting the painted surface with proper products. By following the proper methods and using the right tools, it should be very easy to make our car looks shiny and very clean. Achieving the greatest results should be easy if we do everything through the most efficient manner. In any case, we should make sure that we don’t cause additional damages to the surface. Many car owners cause damages to the painted surface during the washing activity.

In many cases, damages can be unnoticeable, but when we check the surface at the right angle with the light reflected directly to our eyes, we could see very fine streaks and marks that can’t be removed. This is actually nearly invisible scratch. To prevent this, we should use proper tool. In general, micro-fiber towel should be able to clean the painted surface without causing damages. We should also avoid wiping the surface too quickly when it is dry. Water slightly lubricates the surface, so it won’t get scratched when we wipe the surface when it is wet.

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