Whether we want to buy or sell used cars, it is generally important to know about the exact condition of the car. Here are things we should consider:

  • MOT: Cars with 12 months MOT should be appealing to buyers than cars with lesser NOT. We could put our cars through the MOT if they have less than 8 or 7 months on. In this case, buyers could have much more interest.
  • Selling Points: Some cars have high specification models, while others are lower. In this case, we should make sure that our cars are proper for advertising. In this case, alloy wheels, air conditioning and other elements should have positive impacts on the overl value of our car,
  • First impression: The phrase first impression could come to mind when we are selling the car. First impression could be affected by chipped paints and untidy interior. Cars with these bad things won’t become a huge attraction for any buyer. Overall, we should make sure that the car offers the greatest first impression. For buyers, first impression is important; however they should also look deeper within the car. It is important to prepare our car properly, so it would be vitally important to make good impression.
  • Engine Bay: We should properly check the engine bay and make sure that everything under the bonnet, including the washer bottle, anti freeze fluids and oils are in good condition. These should give us an impression that the car has been properly maintained.
  • Interior: Interior also plays an important part in the car valuation. If we are heavy smokers, it is important to remove the ashtray and vacuum the interior. Dog owners should also make sure that the interior is free from dog hairs. Cigarette ashes and unidentifiable hairs are two most off putting factors. For this reason, we should always spend some time to tidy up the interior of our car. We may need to polish the interior here and there. Good vacuuming jojb should please any buyer.
  • Tires and Wheels: We could be certain that potential buyers will check the tires and wheels on the car. In this case, missing wheel trim could negatively affect the visual appearance of our car. Tires with smoother tread could also be a major turn off. It won’t impress buyers if they need to spend more money make the car legal.
  • Prepare the documents: There’s nothing more frustrating to car buyers than dealing with incomplete documents. We should provide buyers with the latest MOT certificate and we should keep all important documents on places that are easy to reach.

Selling car should be an easy thing to do, if we have prepared for this eventuality since the day one, when our brand new car enters the garage. We should keep its condition at tip top shape. Maintaining cars should be very easy to do if we have prepared a checklist and we regularly bring the car to the local mechanics for proper maintenance and repairs.

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