Teenagers are very enthusiastic for driving the bike in any conditions; many bike lovers enjoy the bike ridings in any situations they love to ride with a speed on their bikes. But when the weather condition changes the bike riders must take care of the driving talent, though they are good at their driving skills it is always risky in rainy reasons to drive. The weather condition changes quickly and the environment too, so the riders must be aware of few things how the vehicle behaves and road will be for the driving conditions. Remembering these points will help you to reach your destination with safe and your family will be happy to see you.


During the rainy season the brakes of the vehicle may not work properly, it is because of the water droplets in the breaks. When you’re driving in the rain the water will be on every part of your vehicle. These results in reducing the friction between brake parts. When you are going in normal speed it may not observable but when you are at high speeds and suddenly if you want to apply breaks then there is a chance of breaks may not work properly because of the less friction. The rubber or other substances used in breaks fail to hold the wheels strongly, so the brakes may not work on time.

Slippery Roads

In rain reason it very commonly known fact that the roads become very slippery because of the rainwater lay on the roads. You must be sensible and aware to look for slippery roads coming in front, observe the sign boards on the sides of the roads and keep a sharp eye on frontage road. Maintain a nominal speed at these kinds of roads otherwise you may lose the grip on driving, which ends in a bad situation.

Weather Reports

It is always good to be aware of the weather forecasts; it is not advisable to start your journey when the forecast says it’s going to rain soon. Driving in a rain is always a risky task; the bad incident may not always come from your side other factors may raise the bad situation for us. Sometimes the heavy rains blocks our viewpoint and we unable to see the vehicles coming in front, this is a dangerous and risky factor.

Mountain Routes?

We have seen many times in the news many vehicles crushed off by the rocks in the mountains in the rainy seasons. Due to rain the land, soil becomes loose one and enable the rocks slip out from the heights, which will decide to lower areas. If the rocks are coming in high velocity then even a football sized rock also results in very high damage to roads and vehicles on the road.

Watch Out for Animals

In these seasons, many animals’ feels joy and starts to explore the forests, sometimes they may cross the roads in the jungles so we need to watch out for them otherwise you may hit them which may ends in animal death. In some cases, people are dying when they try to avoid hitting the animal.

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