There are many factors we should include when we want to advertise our car. But, regardless of what we do, honesty is still the best policy. There’s nothing worse than turning up with less than immaculate cars that look much worse than in the advertising picture. Many first contacts with potential buyers occur over the phone. We should try to remain polite and honestly answer all questions. It is also important to arrange the proper schedule to introduce the car and let the prospective owner to see it. It should be noted that no one will appreciate being rushed, so we should consider their situation.

Greet potential buyers in a polite manner when they arrive. In this case, we shouldn’t appear as if we are desperate to sell the car. In any case, we shouldn’t let the buyer to be alone in the car with the key inside. We should be inside the car when they buyer starts the engine and we should provider all relevant insurance information. The buyer will likely spend some time to take a good look around and we should be ready to answer all their questions.

When the car passes the visual examination, buyers usually ask to test drive the car. This will be one of the most crucial times and we should be inside the car when the potential buyers turn on the car. This is often an opportunity for thieves to steal our car. When we sit beside the buyer while he/she is driving, we should remain quiet. Buyers should be given the opportunity to really have a feel about the car. Eventually, car buyers will start to discuss the deal and this is an important situation. There’s no point in changing the price much lower or higher than our advertised price, again we shouldn’t look that we are desperate to sell the car.

We should have a clear idea about our bottom price and the least amount we are willing to accept. The advertised price should be slightly higher than our actual expectation, because people are likely to haggle. Rather than dropping the price $100 straight from the original asking price, we should consider decreasing at lower sums, such as $25. In this case, we shouldn’t be knocked down lower than our lowest expectation. During the actual haggling process, we should emphasize on the positives of our car and try to assure the buyer that the asking price is fully justified.

Until the payment is received in full, we shouldn’t stop taking enquiries about our car. We could be honest and we should be out of trouble in all the selling process. We can hand over the key after the buyer has paid the car in full and we could fully access the money in our bank account. The deal should be finalized with proper sales agreements and they must be dated and signed. The agreement document should include all important details such as car model, make, mileage, registration number and other details.

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