If we just look a decade and a half back, we will remember the limited world of the curtains that was current, available and in use. In homes you could mostly see white, lacy curtains, often rolo curtains (green or orange) for darkening a space and sometimes blinds with a limited color sample. In offices you would most often encounter strip curtains and blinds as well. The spectrum of colors was also limited in office spaces. Curtains were most commonly not in the center of attention when shaping an interior.

Today the situation in the world of curtains is much different. There are many types of materials, designs and way to place curtains. Chosen the right way, they can really freshen up your living and work space. And in general they don’t have to be cheap kitsch! The interior of the living space and workspace can be underlined with the effective use of curtains and pelmets for windows.

Light, bright curtains allow in the maximum amount of light and give the space a note of transparency. You can say that they breathe with the space. Heavy curtains can be a great thermal and sound isolator, as well as a great protection from sunlight where it is needed.

Curtains As Window Decoration

A very Important Detail in Every Interior

Of course, the choice of the design depends on the space we are decorating and the effect we want to achieve!

Curtains that don’t reach the floor are great for bathrooms, the kitchen but also the work space and they don’t put strain on a space, they represent a certain art motive. Curtains that go to the floor give the space a certain dose of seriousness and luxury, but they also add to the protection from light and cold.

Today, rolo curtains come to us in many shapes and designs. They are handy if we don’t have much space for curtains to the floor or if we want to achieve extra protection from light or unwanted views in certain rooms. Blinds are another forms of curtains very suitable for achieving minimalistic and “pure” effects in a space.

A form of curtains that is not used as much in our homes and work rooms are panel, pocket and plush curtains that wrinkle when we open them up. These systems are like blinds. They can be a very original solution, in apartments and in offices too. In a combination with common curtains, there systems can give very effective results.

During the choice of curtains for a space you should be consistent. The material used for the curtains can be matched or filled up with coatings for furniture, whether it is a material that is used or about a color. If the space is designed with bold colors or details, curtains should be of neutral colors, designs and material and in general fill up with the design of the interior.

Using materials and textures that focus the attention in a space on the windows can be a very attractive way of achieving comfortable effects in a space. Whether it is a work space or living space, the choice of curtains should accent the furniture and the details in the space, and depict the general atmosphere of the space. Simple and elegant designs, as well as soft fabrics will create an elegant atmosphere.

During the choice of curtains, you should have on your mind, next to the functional, an esthetic role. They should actually underline the atmosphere of the apartments or the office. Matching the ambiance, choose bold and effective or calm and humble. Combine them with matching details and your home or work space can really shine!

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