These days, saving money is a trend with the rising costs of necessities. One of the basic needs for survival includes electricity. Without it, activities of daily living can be too difficult as appliances and electronic devices like vacuum cleaners, computers and more will not function. Homes with heating and cooling systems may face troubles with electricity bills too.

So, here are the best ways to resolve the dilemma of paying skyrocketing electric bills:

1. Opt For Solar Panels

One of the most effective methods to reduce your electric bill is to go for solar energy. Well, you will have to invest in solar panels initially, but you will realize how cheaper it is in the long run than electricity sourced from electric companies alone. Thousands of dollars can be saved in using solar panel system. In an average, about $500 to $600 can be saved by a household a year in solar energy.

Also, there may be a solar leasing available in your area so you can go solar without having to buy the solar system at all. Plus, you can even sell the excess energy produced by your solar system to electric companies for other household consumption. No doubt, solar panel system is a green and economical option to trim down your electric bill.

2. Use LED Lights

Another great way to cut down on your electric bill is throw away your incandescent light bulbs and exchange it for LED bulbs. Although LED bulbs were not a thing of the past, its costs have dropped significantly in the recent years making it a hot option for many households these days. In less than $10, you can have a green, highly efficient and affordable lighting for your home. These bulbs can significantly reduce your lighting energy consumption by as much as 40%.

Top Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Moreover, LED lights do not contain mercury. So, using these bulbs will help lower down mercury pollution. With its low cost and high efficiency, this lighting option should be your choice as many households have been switching to this technology.

3. Highly Efficient Cooling and Heating

Heating and air conditioning are among the biggest energy hogs for a great number of households. However, this should not be the case since you can do a few things to cut down your energy consumption related to heating or cooling.

For instance, you do not to buy the most expensive AC units that consume high amounts of energy if your space is not that big. Your purchase should be made according to your requirements. Also, you do not need to turn the AC 24/7 since this can cause a tremendous leap in your electric bill. Instead, you may set up a schedule when to switch it on or off or use a fan or blower instead after turning the AC unit off since this option is more economical.

In terms of heating, it is also not necessary to turn your conventional heating system 24/7 or in some cases you do not need it at all. Most households these days rely on the power of space heaters like infrared heaters that are highly capable of heating spaces without consuming too much energy. For example, infrared heaters are in demand in majority of households today since it can be used to provide instant and even heat in the most economical and convenient way. This type of heater consumes less energy, but can be very effective in providing direct heat.

4. Ditch Old Fridge and Appliances

Old fridges consume a great amount of electricity. So, if you are keeping one in your home, now is the time to get rid of it. Refrigerators are energy eaters, so do the math and consider upgrading to a new one.

This can be the same thing for other electronic appliances at home. If you have an old iron, computer, television or other stuff, you should think about upgrading and still save tons of money.

5. Observe Peak Hours

You can trim down your electric bill through limiting your electric usage during peak hours. The truth is power companies modify the costs of electricity according to hours or usage. For instance, some companies impose peak hours between 6 to 10 AM and 3 to 9 PM. Holidays and weekends are considered non-peak hours. With this, you can reduce the cost of your electric consumption by modifying the time you operate the heater, oven, television and other appliances.

Performing house chores that require the use of electricity during non-peak hours is a very simple and effective way to reduce your electric bill. Hence, do the laundry during weekends or turn your heater late night if possible.

By following these simple tips, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year in electric bills.

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