The easiest way to maintain the durability, beauty and fresh feel of your carpet is to make sure to vacuum it thoroughly at least once a week. You should set the vacuum at the right height because setting the machine too low can often end up damaging your carpet. A low setting will allow the roller brush and the drive belt to scrape the carpet. Again, if it’s set too high it will not pick up the dirt. To set the ideal height you should start by raising it to the highest setting, then turn in on until you feel the machine tug forward.

 What dirt does to your carpet?

Dirt and especially sand works like tiny blades that will cut through your carpet’s fibers. When you’re walking across a dirty carpet it will grind the sharp particles against the yarn which nicks the fibers. This reduces the look and durability of your carpet significantly. Below are a few tips which should help ensure that your carpet is dirt free.

 Always use a clean filter or bag

As mentioned above vacuuming your carpet is very important because it helps remove dirt. Every now and then you can opt for professional high pressure cleaning but because of the expense and the time consumed you will want to make sure that you spend enough time vacuuming so that it removes most of the dirt. In order to remove the most dirt you should always start with a clean filter and bag. A dirty filter or bag reduces the suction power of the vacuum by a good 50%.

Right vacuum speed

How Do The Pros Maintain Your Carpet?

You should vacuum your carpet as slowly as possible so that it sucks the max amount of dirt. Start by making one quick pass over all the low traffic areas and then two slow passes over all the high traffic areas. Using two slow passes helps to remove a lot more dirt than many quick passes. The same technique should be used for cleaning mats and the upholstery of your furniture. 

Always clean stains while they are still fresh

You shouldn’t dig the stain into a carpet. If you spill something solid use a spoon or a dull knife to carefully scrape up everything in sight onto a towel. After that you can focus on treating the stain with the right technique. When it comes to stains on your carpet you can remove 99% of them if you act quickly and immediately. The longer you have to wait the quicker the stain will react with the carpet which makes it difficult to remove.

 First use water to clean a stain

Around 80% of all stains can easily be removed using plan tap water. In order to remove the stain simply use a white cloth pressed over the stain in order to absorb this spill. You should then repeat this until you completely absorb the spill. Once it’s absorbed you should work some water into the stain using a damp towel until the stain disappears. Then change the cloths when required. If you want to deal with a particularly stubborn spot you should visit the “Spot Solver” resource website located at the Carpet and Rug Institute in order to find what can be used to remove the stain. 

You should blot instead of scrubbing or rubbing

 Scrubbing a stain will eventually damage the fibers which result in a fuzzy area. You should always blot starting from the outer edge then towards the center of the stain in order to avoid spreading this spot to create a problem.

 Always be patient

You should work water very gently into the spill followed by drying or blotting with a cloth. You should repeat until the stain disappears when the water has absorbed. With some patience you should be able to completely remove the stain.

Try using club soda or vinegar to clean tough spots

If you cannot remove a stain using water then try using white vinegar mixed with an equal part of water or soda prior to using any strong commercial product.

When you want to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet the best way to do it is to keep things simple. If everything else fails you can always use a pressure washer to completely rejuvenate a soiled carpet.

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