The bathroom is one of the most requested rooms to remodel today. However, bathroom remodeling is a lot more than just repairing water damage and replacing old bathroom fixtures. Bathroom remodeling today is more focused on designing accessibility and comfort. Homeowners of 2014 want features in their bathroom that make the room a lot more convenient. Even though they might not have to spend a fortune on their remodeling project, they want the bathroom to look like they did. The 2014 bathroom trends will include features that are pampering and practical.

Below are some of the top bathroom trends for 2014.

1. Bathtubs and Showers 

One of the biggest trends for 2014 is replacing the bathroom tub with a shower. Today, shower manufacturers offer lower curbs and thresholds which make entering the shower a lot easier for people of all ages. The more recent trend is a shower with no curb or threshold. This allows easy access for wheel chairs and eliminates the risk of tripping. A level shower entry offers a seamless transition to the shower from the floor and offers a nice, open look. The base of the shower is sloped towards the drain to keep water from escaping the shower. In the end, the effect is an elegant, accessible shower design. This makes it one of the most popular trending designs in the bathroom for 2014.

The Latest Bathroom Design Trends

2. Airy Showers

Homeowners who have small, claustrophobic showers have the desire for large showers. Usually, the constraint is the size of the bathroom. Removing soffits and walls increase the visual and actual size in the shower. Along with gaining more space, the trend is going towards clear glass showers to give the appearance of being larger. Frameless showers have a more open look, and the clear glass lets you see all the way through making the bathroom appear larger.

3. LVT Flooring 

For years, ceramic tile has been a standard in bathroom floors. People chose tile because of its low-cost and durability. The drawback to ceramic tile is slip resistance and being difficult to clean. Additionally, tile can be cold to stand on. The new trend is moving towards luxury vinyl tile (LVT) which comes in tile sizes of 12 x 12 and 16 x 16. It looks like stone or tile, but can be installed with no grout. It’s slip resistant and warm to the feet. If you don’t actually see the LVT flooring being put in, you would never know that it’s not real stone or tile. The tile can be installed on top of most floors in good condition. LVT tile is water and impact resistant, making it a huge trend for 2014.

4. Free Standing Bathtubs

For those who want the luxury of a big soaking tub, freestanding bathtubs are the perfect thing! The original freestanding tub was the claw-foot tub, and the styles were extremely limited. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of tubs from ones that reproduce the old claw-foot tub to tubs that looks almost futuristic. A freestanding tub needs more space than a tub in an alcove, so you need a larger bathroom.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodeling job, keep the above trends in mind, and hire a designer who knows the latest trends in bathroom remodeling. You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so why not have it a place you can enjoy.

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