The birds are singing, the mornings are getting lighter and there is warmth in the air. Spring is on its way and it’s time to remove all the dust and dirt from the winter months and start a thorough spring clean of your home.

Here are our top tips for a sparkling spring clean:

  • Don’t forget to dust your light bulbs, especially ceiling lights. If your ceiling light bulbs are covered in grime and dust, then chances are your whole house is looking a little dim and dark. Make sure your light is turned off at the mains, and the light bulb is cool to touch. Then simply wipe the light bulb with a soft cloth and that’s it! This simple trick will make your home brighter and lighter, ready to welcome in the Spring!
  • Move your bed and vacuum and dust underneath it. Dust and dirt can gather under your bed making it a breeding ground for dust bunnies which can create new and agitate existing allergies. You’ll be amazed at the number of items can be retrieved from under your bed, we bet that you’ll even forget you had some of the hidden gems down there!
  • Flip your mattress to the other side. After time, your mattress can wear down from where you are always sleeping in a similar position. Flip your mattress to help it recover and reap the benefits of the fresh side of the mattress and enjoy a rejuventated nights’ sleep.

Put A Spring In Your Step: 9 Top Tips For Spring Cleaning

  • Wash windows and window panes. Remove all grime and mould from the window pane with a mould and mildew remover and soft sponge, then clean the glass with a glass cleaning product before opening the windows wide to let in some lovely fresh air!
  • Wash all curtains and interior furnishings such as curtains and cushion covers. After a long winter of sitting inside, your furnishings will have gathered a lot of dust and dirt and maybe even have a fousty smell. Put them on a hot wash, dry outside (if possible) and then re-hang and position. Spray with perfume for a little boost!
  • De-clutter your closet, chest of drawers and wardrobes of all unwanted clothes. Wash and pack up all unwanted items and take them to the charity shop. This will make room for new summer clothes and give you a feel good factor!
  • Have all your winter clothes washed, dry cleaned and then pack them away for the season. This creates more room and means you are ready to move into the summer months.
  • Spring cleaning is the perfect time to check our fire alarm and security alarms work. Test them out at a suitable time and replace batteries if necessary.
  • Give your house or wooden goods a lick of paint. After time, paint can peel and quality of wood can deteriorate. Pick a sunny day and paint your home and creosote your wooden goods – a splash of colour will put a spring in your step!
  • This content was provided by Simon Price from All About Electrics, your one stop shop for all things electrical.
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