To create a luxurious interior in your living room with less expenses is a difficult task. To achieve it you should do some of the work by yourself and learn some tricks you can apply which won’t cost too much but will change the whole appearance of the room. Here you will learn how to design luxurious living room without breaking the bank. Use the advices to make changes in the décor of this room and make its interior luxurious, inviting and cosy.

There is an easy and cheap way to make significant changes in your living room just by simply painting the walls in an appropriate colour. Choosing the colour isn’t easy. But you won’t make a mistake if you pick some neutral or light tone and focus the attention on the furniture and the decorating items in the room. If the furniture is in some bold and vivid colour then the walls should be in an neutral colour tone. And if the sofas and armchairs are in some universal colour you can use brighter colours of paint for your walls.

Designing Luxurious Living Room Without Breaking The Bank

A great way to add elegance and style in your living room is by adding crown mouldings. If you don’t have such in your living room, it will look like something is missing and its interior will seem incomplete. Adding crown mouldings in the space where the walls touch the ceiling will make your living room stylish, exquisite and luxurious looking. The wider mouldings you mount the more elegant your living room will look. You can buy the materials you need and do the installation work by yourself to safe money.

Instead of spending money on brand new pieces of furniture or buy cheap ones, you can check the second hand stores for furniture and antique furniture stores. There you can find luxurious furniture which won’t cost too much and can be refurbished and repaired if it is necessary. You can always repaint and decorate the upholstered and other furniture you buy from a second hand or antique store and make it look expensive. There are many antique items that you can buy which can be re-purposed to function as other things. They will create a vintage look of your living room. You can buy a few old suitcases and put them one over the other to be used as a coffee table for example.

To make your living room look luxurious and fresh without breaking the bank provide cleaning and maintaining of your sofas, armchairs and upholstery. Buy some fluffy pillows and place them in the corners of your upholstered furniture. Choose colours and patterns which suit the room’s interior and design. Match the pillows you use with the colour of the upholstery cover you have. Use covers for your sofas and armchairs made of high-quality fabrics. You can experiment with the patterns to make your living room more stylish. Regular cleaning of your upholstery will make your living room look fresh and inviting.

You can replace the hardware finishes in your living room to create an individual style and luxury. Change the cupboard knobs, door handles, hinges and other finishes with new ones that have vintage or artistic style. They will make this room look expensive and have a unique style. You can replace the lighting fixtures with designer ones. You can find such in online sales and wholesalers. Buy some pieces of art when they are on sale and have a discount.

You can create a unique and luxurious atmosphere and interior in your living room by making some minor or major changes without breaking the bank. There are second hand shops, antique stores and online sales where you can find some valuable and designers’ items, fixtures and pieces of furniture. Provide regular and well cleaning of the upholstery and furniture to keep your living room inviting and cosy, decorators in Paddington suggest.

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