Deciding between different air conditions for a place can be a hectic process. Factors that determine which air conditioning system is suitable for a particular space, encompass the area which requires cooling, heat generated inside enclosed area, price etc. There are different types of air conditioning systems for different uses. This article describes some of the common air conditioning systems.

Window Air Conditioner

4 Common Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to single rooms, window air conditioners are mostly preferred. This conditioning unit is fixed in a slot in the room’s wall or sometimes in the window sill. In this unit, all the components including the compressor, condenser, cooling coil, expansion valve and evaporator are boxed in a single case.

Split Air Conditioner

The split air conditioner consists of two portions encompassing the outdoor unit and the indoor module. The outdoor unit has components such as the compressor, condenser and expansion valve. It is installed outside the room. The indoor unit contains the evaporator, cooling coils and cooling fans. This unit does not require you to make slots in the walls. Modern split units do not take up as much space as a window unit and have a sleek and tidy appeal. A split air conditioner is usually used to cool a maximum of one or two rooms.

Packaged or Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioning systems deliver air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home. More and more people are turning towards this system as summers are getting stretched due to global warming. Ducted air conditioning Brisbane is particularly popular here in Australia. If cooling more than two rooms or a bigger space at your home or workplace, is what you require, then installing a ducted system is the most suitable option for you. You can have the standard system installed while building a new home or a bespoke unit that is compatible with the existing one. Ducted Air Conditioners comprise of indoor and outdoor modules with flexible ducting. Once installed, the only visible components inside the building are the controller and return air and discharge grills, as the indoor unit is concealed out of sight, either in your ceiling or below the flooring. The conditioned air is distributed via vents located all over your home. An outdoor unit is positioned in an enclosed site outside your home or building.

Central Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioning systems are used for maintaining a suitable temperature inlarge buildings, households, offices, hotels, gymnasiums, auditoriums, workshops etc. This is a better option, if the whole building is to be air conditioned. Installing single units in each of the rooms is extremely costly. Hence central air conditioning systems are feasible and capable of cooling big halls, shopping malls, vast spaces, galleries etc. Central air conditioners comprise of giant compressors with capacity to yield hundreds of tons of cool air.

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