Wooden furniture is always preferred by people for a classy look. This furniture is long-lasting and speaks of the vintage aura.   But, wooden furniture’s re very much to scratches and cuts. With extensive use, you may also see some dents on them.

A lot of people contact their nearby carpenter to repair the furniture or throw the dented and old furniture away. If you are wondering about how to repair dents and scratches in wooden furniture then you need to read this article. Here are some easy DIYs and hacks that you can use-

For small scratches

If there is a small and shallow scratch on your wooden furniture then you just need a Brazil nut or pecan or walnut. Use the meat of any of these nuts and rub it on the scratches. The nut oil will darken the scratch and it will disappear.

If there are few deep scratches

If your furniture has one or two deep scratches then you can just use wax sticks. These wax sticks are easily available in general stores or carpenter workshops or hobby stores. You can find different colors of these sticks and choose one according to the color and texture of the furniture. Rub the wax stick of the scratches with the proper amount of pressure so that the wax can fill the scratches. After this, you can remove the excess wax for a smooth finish.

Dents appear with regular use. Dents are also easy to remove. Dents on softwood furniture (made of pine wood etc) are easier to work on. But, you may need to work a little bit harder with furniture that is made of hardwood.

For shallow woods or dents on softwoods

At first, you need to remove the polish and wooden finish on the furniture. You can use sandpaper to remove the polish around half inches of the radius. After removing the polish apply two to three drops of water on the dent. The water will seep into the wood and the dent will fade away after some time. Alternatively, you can apply folded damp cloth on the dent and apply iron over the folded cloth. If these two processes do not give any satisfactory results then you need to use a wood sweller liquid. These wood-sweller liquids are available in hardware stores. You need to apply a few drops of the liquids on the debt and leave it for a night. The liquid will raise the wood and give a clear and even finish.

After the wood is raised you need to let it dry for at least one week. At last, you need to finish the portion to get it an even look. Try to use an accurate polish so that the polished area looks the same as the rest surface. You can buff the area slightly with steel wool. After this, you can surface the whole area for a cleaner and even looking finish.

You can follow any of the above methods to repair any type of scratches or dents. Please be careful to use wooden furniture to avoid any type of scratches or dents.  Click here For more information.

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