Spa is certainly something that anyone living in this day and age benefits from. However, regardless if we can afford it or not, the time needed to go to a spa treatment, spend adequate amount of time there and return home is a luxury only rare people can afford nowadays. Luckily, this does not mean that they need to be deprived of this rejuvenating experience. With a little effort and investment anyone can create a spa experience in their homes. Here is how.

How To Create A Spa Experience At Home

Aromatic Candles

Aromatherapy is a well-known and widespread way of enhancing a person’s mood. Essential oils are a fundamental ingredient of any spa treatment. However, one needs to be very careful not to overdo with these powerful scents. Therefore, aromatic candles are a perfect solution for home environments since they are as effective as pure essential oils without a risk of overexposure plus they can be put in any room of the house. When lit they release a continual but faint scent, lavender ones being perfect for relaxation and eucalyptus for energy injections.

A Steam Treatment

All that is required for a steam treatment is a small pot filled with steaming water and a towel. There simply is no excuse not to enjoy its benefits. Among other, they include improved circulation, respiratory benefits (especially for those who suffer from asthma and bronchitis), pore cleansing and rejuvenation in general. No wonder that they have been used ever since the Roman Empire. Therefore, lean your head covered with a towel over a pot and inhale the steam for two or three minutes. The effect is enhanced by a few drops of essential oils and stays effective for hours.

How To Create A Spa Experience At Home

Restorative Baths

A long therapeutical bath is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when spas are mentioned. There are a few requirements in order to turn your bath into a spa one.  First of all, the tub needs to be deep enough for you to fully immerse. Secondly, in order for it not to be a regular bath you take every day, essential oils, candles and aromatic bath salts need to enter the scene. If you want an extra experience take a renowned bathroom renovations Sydney based company’s advice and opt for whirlpool baths which will provide a full body massage.

A Shower Spa

On the other hand, if you are not a bath type, no need to despair. You can have a full spa treatment under the shower as well. What is required are special showerheads that allow you to change the water pressure. A nice addition to your shower cabin would be wall mounted body sprays that will massage your body during showering. Decorative curtains, a simple and affordable improvement, can add to the atmosphere and immensely change the entire setting for the better.

How To Create A Spa Experience At Home

Soothing Music

Do not neglect your hearing sense while all other are enjoying. Play your favorite soothing music during the entire spa process. Moreover, continue the sound treatment after you got out of the bathroom. After some time even the music played on its own will have a strong rejuvenating effect since it will remind your brain of the full spa treatment and it will in turn trigger different senses.

Soak the Feet

If you are running on a really tight schedule and have no time for a full spa, feet treatment is the next best thing. The feet are probably the most pressurized body part in the majority of individuals every day activity and simple soaking does wonders for the entire organism. All you really need is a bowl of hot water enriched with essential oils or sea salt. There is no time limit for this, make it last as long as it feels good and you will surely feel the difference.

Home spa does require some preparation and effort. However, it is far more convenient that going to the real spa and just as much effective if you follow these advice in detail.  Your organism will surely appreciate every part of it and so will your wallet.

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