If you are an aquarium enthusiast then you probably have got through more CO2 than you can shake a stick at. That is why more and more people are creating their own DIY kits to save themselves some money on supplies. One of the ideas for CO2 supplies to an aquarium is to use SodaStream cylinders. We invited the CO2 system specialists from CO2 Art to run through the benefits of using this system.

Soda Stream is Cheap and Convenient

Using soda stream is a convenient and cheap way to obtain CO2 for your system.  They are readily available online and small enough to put into your lounge or aquarium area without being an eyesore or obstruction.  One SodaStream bottle will last an average of around three to four months in an average sized aquarium and will work effectively up to a 200 litre size. If your tank has a large amount of CO2 use then you may have to make more regular refills.

Aquarium Tips - Using SodaStream As CO2

The Soda Stream Adaptor is Now Available

There is a one small catch for any enthusiast looking to use this method for their aquarium. The design of the valve means that the thread does not conform to any industry standard thread gauges. No regulator will screw onto it.  However now we have brought out the SodaStream adaptor to bridge the gap between the SodaStream cylinder and the regulator.

This adaptor will resolve any compatibility issues between SodaStream cylinders and CO2 regulator. It is designed to ensure that whatever CO2 regulator you are using (which is used to control the pressurised release of CO2) is compatible with the threads of a SodaStream cylinder.

It Is Simple For Beginners To Use

The SodaStream Adapter has been designed by CO2 tank experts and is therefore manufactured to the highest specifications and standards. It will last as long as your aquarium does. Even if this is your first set up, do not worry as it is extremely easy to use. Just tighten your regulator to the top of the adapter, and screw the adapter onto the SodaStream bottle. A rubber washer has been designed to sit between the adaptor and the SodaStream cylinder. This creates a high quality, airtight seal.

If you would like to purchase the SodaStream adaptor, it is available to buy here. Improve your CO2 system on step at a time.

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