Achieving good SEO performance requires time, but once we are able to rank high, we would have real phenomenal impacts. In reality, it is possible for blog owners and small businesses to manage their own SEO campaigns. One of the most important things is to perform keyword research. This task isn’t something that we should do when we first establish our website, it is actually a long-term activity. Any good website will add more content dynamically and this will require continuous keyword research. It is about determining relevant new keywords that are being searched by our clients and potential customers. This is especially true on rapidly developing markets and fields.

When performing keyword research, it is important to brainstorm with the team, even if they are not part of the SEO or marketing team. As an example, engineering and production employees could offer us new suggestions on keywords, based on latest trends in the market. Every few months, we should write down as many as new keywords as we can think of. We could do this by incorporating alternative words and include some geographical phrases. A good list should be consisted of more than 20 new keywords that we may be able to use. The next step is to rank these keywords based on demands or number of searches.

How to Perform Long-Term SEO Campaign Without Hiring Professionals

It is also important to determine the level of competition of each keyword. The higher the competition, the more difficult it is to achieve good rankings. As an example, if we want to rank in top-five position for “loan”, we would have a very long journey. In this case, we should choose keywords that offer a good combination between higher demand and lower competition. These keywords shouldn’t be vague, they must be clear, but still less competitive. Once we have defined new keywords, we will be able to create more content based on them. The next step is to create SEO-optimized web copy that’s relevant to our new keywords.

Content is king. Our content shouldn’t only be based on text, they could also be represented as unique images and videos. Good web copy will convince Google that we have relevant content based on our keywords. Our web copy should read well and they need to appeal to our target audience. When creating effective web copy, we should place information that’s widely desired by many people. When performing SEO campaign for our small business, we should also consider adding positive links. Despite numerous algorithm updates, links from other websites are still considered as votes of popularity.

While linking is crucial, we should focus on quality instead of quantity. As an example, it is better to get a couple of new links each week, rather than getting ten links each day. In fact, one quality link is better than 50 links from arbitrary websites. We should find relevant websites that will link to us. During a SEO campaign effort, it is important for us to monitor our results. We should be able to get some positive results over the next few months, as long as we are able to perform SEO campaign continuously. The above SEO tasks can be repeated continuously.

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