We are using technology is as old as time. We are amid to lots of technology every day.  But, have you ever thought that this technology is killing you gradually. The death beams of radiation emitting from our phones, addiction to our digital devices. Now, you can think how real friendship is going to be vanished and we are meeting with artificial intelligence that making us redundant. It all just because of tech based headline that sends a shiver down our spine is ready.

Avoid The Dark World of Blue Light

All our devices contain some blue light. Since all our devices have backlight and are much bigger now, the amount of blue light affect on our eyes and body is increased. That may cause eye strain, headache as well as physical and mental fatigue. Do you rub your eyes more often as they feel dry? Now, you can understand what I am saying. It is time to avoid buying of highly blue light contain devises and use Google products like smartphones and play books. Google offers on phone some special features that can diminish the wavelength which directly enter in our eyes. But, this same blue light during the day is very beneficial to us. Till the time artificial rays didn’t invent, sun was only thing to reach our eyes and body… But that’s the case not any more. When sun goes down, our artificial intelligence lights turned on. But, Google has tried to make play safe and introduced smartphones with less wavelength. Same, you can buy by using shopclues coupons.

In one study, it was found that blue light helps to boost environment attention, and lift your mood. But on other side, blue light shinning into our eyes through all day and continuous can become disruptive. Working late night on emails, web browsing or book reading reading on screen can leave with you only in darkness. Well, its time to wake up and do things which do not affect our mind highly. Reduce it as much as you can. You don’t really have to check your phones or on tablet every time. Break the habit and think innovative. Else, you can also opt the products of Google as they reducing the blue light. I know, smart phones of Google can but your pocket, use shopclues coupons and save your eyes by reducing brightness.

 Else, you can prefer some apps and blue light reducing glasses that can make colors on your screen look wrapped. There are some companies like BenQ with their blue light monitors do fantastic job by reducing blue light harm. You can prefer a screen guard for your laptops by using shopclues coupons. Its on us to force manufacturer to offer phones and gadget with blue light reduction. We just have to demand it!! Its time to break blue light manufacturer nest and keep off the eyes from gadget. We only can keep our health good. Get shopclues coupons and deals at Couponhaat and get great discount of mobile phones.

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