To get the answer, you first understand what the function of the HVAC system installed in your house is? The answer is simple; it keeps your house at the desired temperature and maintains indoor air quality good by extracting impure air and dust. It also removes the contamination of your house.

In this way, the air duct of the HVAC system gets dirty and needs regular cleaning. Since the whole arrangement of the system is complex and delicate, you need to hire the best Air Duct cleaning contractor. They are specialized in their job and provide you better and affordable solutions for duct cleaning.

Benefits of Regular Air Duct Cleaning

  • Improved indoor air quality– HVAC system pulls out impure air, dust, and other contaminations from your home. After some time, these dust and other contamination stick on the surface of the duct and registers which reduced the efficiency of the system. Regular cleaning of the duct helps in maintaining the efficiency of the system and hence he indoor air quality.
  • Saving in energy– As per a report due to dirty air duct, 25 to 40 percent of the energy used in the HVAC system is wasted. Regular cleaning help in saving a significant amount of energy as well as increase the efficiency of the system.

How often air duct cleaning should perform

  • As per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), you should get the air duct clean every three to five years. This is a range given by the association. However, you should follow the instructions of reputed local Air Duct cleaning contractor in this regard.
  • If you move into the new house, you should clean the air duct before you start living.
  • When you start living in the newly constructed house the first time, even if the HVAC system installed there is new.
  • When you renovate your home, you should clean the air duct before re-entering the house.

Frequent cleaning is necessary if such people live in the house-

  • Habitual smoker
  • Having respiratory diseases
  • Allergic to the dust

When you need air duct cleaning

You must know some general signs when you came to see that it’s time to hire an Air Duct cleaning contractor.

  • When the dust on the surface of ducts is visible
  • Dust around the register is the strongest sign that you should clean the duct now
  • Increase in the dust and respiratory discomfort
  • When you notice insects or rodents inside your house

Points to keep in mind before hiring air duct cleaning contractor

  • Beware of duct cleaning scams and avoid excessively cheap offers.
  • You should have a clear idea about the cleaning cost, the cost of cleaning an additional system, and extra charges if any. An extra charge generally comes in terms of the percentage of the total cost.
  • You should obtain proposals from different contractors to get a competitive offer.
  • Check the expertise of the Air Duct cleaning contractor you are going to hire.
  • Check the homeowner’s recommendations who have done cleaning work before.

Most importantly, before hiring an air duct cleaning contractor, you must check their liability insurance as it protects you in case of any damage occur. The cleaning contractor should have a certification from NADCA.