Android users are getting smarter every passing day. They know that the platform of android has a lot to cater and Google play store is limited in many ways.   Since they know it they have started using third party play stores. Certainly, there are many stores out there and not every store is a good option.

But then if you come across third party play store named 9apps, you might find everything you wanted in it. The store promises everything and gets you the applications as per your taste. You can install 9apps Apk file in your android device and once the app store is installed you can use it for looking for the best applications for your usage. The best thing is that the store gets you all the applications free of cost and without any premium charges.

Variety in applications

The play store caters you a huge variety of applications. You can find any type of application and as per your choice.  whether you are looking for games, cooking classes, learning, educational apps, sports, time management, kids protection apps, anti-virus applications, creative learning applications, art, music or anything else; you can find all types of applications in the store. The categories of applications and genres are nicely divided and hence you can easily use the applications for the best experience.  You can find out the finest apps that make your life better, beautiful and brilliant!

The size is nominal

One of the most vital and notable features of this store is its size. The complete size of this platform is just of 2.8MB> indeed this size of the store is really rare to find. Other play stores are really massive and hence a struggle to use and take up a lot of place in your device but 9apps just eats up minimal space. Since the store has taken up only limited space on your device you would never have to worry about storage of your device.

Easy and effortless

Of course, when you use 9apps you would find that the play store is merely a cakewalk to use. You can easily search the type of applications you are looking for. You can also conveniently get the genres and types of apps and other stuff that you want to download from 9apps. It is really effortless to run this store because it is absolutely smooth in its performance and without any troubles. The speed factor is also and-add on and hence speed and ease together make this store a popular and cherished one.

Certainly as said before, there are multiple types of contents are available in this store. It includes all kinds of items wallpaper, ringtones, themes, and various other items. No matter about the type, size and other things in-app you all can conveniently choose it in the absence of any worry. You can witness the faster and faultless downloading process. The well-built and properly organized server helps you in the best app transferring method.


So, since you know how amazing 9apps is, you should get this play store on your device for a wider and richer experience.