This task of hiring and employing candidates is not an easy one. Today the number of potential candidates is higher than ever. The good news is with the influx of many multinational companies in the Indian market, employers need the volume of employees that come in. While hiring a lot of criteria is considered, such as the employee’s skill set, knowledge, aptitude and mental fortitude. One way to find out if employees possess these attributes is by taking tests and assessments. Testing is a sure fire way to find out and get a clear indication of whether the employee is suited to the job role and the work pressure. The most common and necessary types of tests are:

  • Aptitude Tests: The most commonly and routinely conducted test. They help evaluate the condition and cognitive skills of an applicant. It is important that the hires be ready to face any challenge and can solve problems on the go. It is always a good metric to test if an employee is not just knowledgeable but also is an adept problem solver. This test helps filter out the initial set of candidates, into a pool of smart and suitable set of applicants.

Finding Suitable Candidates

  •  Psychology Tests: The next stage comes when the employers are looking for candidates who can handle the stresses and pressure that comes with working day in and day out. Psychometric assessment assesses whether the candidate is in the right mind-set and also analyses their personalities. The profile that is derived from the test results helps employers to assign the correct workgroup for individual employees. Such methodology ensures that the production is efficient from the get-go and employees are well taken care of.
  •  Coding Tests: Most candidates nowadays need to be very fluent in computers and coding languages. Almost 95% of the companies have an online presence and need employees who can code and create almost effortlessly. These tests are conducted online to help get instantaneous results and create a profile based on their strengths and weaknesses. Software companies often develop their own testing systems and questionnaires to help sift through a pool of candidates. The specificity of the questions and the language can help companies find employees, who are particularly suited to their line of work and their demands

There are many more types of tests which can help yield more results, such as subject-specific tests. The total data set that is derived from these tests can create profiles of the applicants. Each profile can then be studied in detail and then assigned to the job role they are suited for. The efficiency and value that companies receive from this sorting process are immense. Efficient testing methods can yield as much as a 30% reduction in time required and a third of the cost per hire. A tried and tested assessment can also help increase the quality of hire by as much as 38%.  In a world where every company is trying to outdo the other, testing while recruiting can help some companies stay ahead of the curve and reap great benefits.