A lot of drivers prefer vehicles with only all-wheel drive. However, according to the modern automotive manufacturers with the modern technologies available the all-wheel drive system can actually be avoided. In the article below you will learn about the pros and cons of the AWD system for you to consider getting whether getting it or not.

All-Wheel Drive: Do You Really Need It?

Pro: Extra Traction

There is no secret that AWD can improve traction a lot. Automotive experts explained how it works on the example of Jeep Cherokee. AWD lets all four wheels spin, as a result in case of any of them being on a slippery or slick surface the other ones will get the vehicle out. Same goes for stuck two wheels. It means that AWD is a perfect match for severe weather conditions, such as heavy snows during the winter period or slippery roads during the spring and autumn seasons. 

Pro: Resale Value 

As a rule, in case of reselling your vehicle with AWD you will be able to get much more money than for two-wheel-drive counterparts. The reason is very simple: AWD costs more up-front so must be refunded in case of resale more. It also means that you should never worry about reselling your car, as there will always be a buyer.

 Pro: Peace of Mind  

No matter where you live, because bad weather happens everywhere. With the AWD you can always be sure to drive any road without exceptions. Heavy rains or extreme cold with icy roads will never be on your list of concerns.

 Con: Weight and Gas Mileage 

As already stated above AWD system will cost you more upfront, which may be a disadvantage for some drivers. With AWD vehicles you should also be ready to pay more for gas as their fuel economy is worse if compared to 2-wheel-drive models. The explanation is simple; the mechanism simply requires more energy delivering power for all four wheels and so uses more gas. Moreover, AWD vehicles tend to be heavier, which also hampers fuel economy further.

 Con: Modern Technology? 

According to the recent research in the field, 2-wheel-drive vehicles still cannot replace the AWD ones, but experts add a very important word – yet. A lot of modern cars can offer pretty good traction and stability control, which can help you remain safely on the road in any possible weather conditions. Some mechanisms can cut power to one wheel completely, if needed, or control a vehicle’s skid in order to eliminate the possibility of it going out of control.

 Summing It Up:

Do you need an all-wheel drive is it the right choice for you and your lifestyle? Professionals say that if you, for instance, check GMC Sierra as a future car while living in an area that is frequently hit by harsh winter storms and the streets are paralyzed from time to time, then the answer is definitely yes. In case you live in soft weather conditions and do not need to go off-the-road often, you may as well consider 2-wheel-drive vehicles.