Rummy is a popular game in India and many people enjoy the game with friends and family. This is one more reason why a rummy club could run successfully in any corner of India. However, it is not really easy to start a club. There are many steps involved in starting a club. Here we have listed a few of the major steps to help aspiring rummy club owners to act on their ideas:

Choose a Good Location for The Rummy Club

There are many things you need to consider when you are selecting a location for rummy card game club.

  • You need to pick a location that is convenient to reach.
  • You must select a place where there are many rummy players.
  • Opt for some place where huge events can be organised without disrupting the life around.
  • Proximity to stations and airports will also help.

Select the Right Décor and Theme

The right interiors can be of great help. When you select a particular style of décor to match the theme of the club, people are impressed. Here are some suggestions for theme of Indian Rummy clubs:

  • You may select wall decals that represent the different card signs like clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts.
  • You may select wall decals with designs of the king, the Jack and the Queen.
  • You may use cups and table mats to match the playing card theme.
  • Arrange the space so that players have ample place to sit as well as to keep their belongings.

The right ambience is the key to attracting the right kind of members to your club. People always seek the right ambience in whatever they do.

Choose a Wise Name for the Rummy Club

You must pick a name for the rummy club that instantly draws all the attention. You must know that the name of the rummy club should be something that avid rummy players can easily identify with. You may try out different options like ‘Full Hand’, ‘Ace’, ‘Natural Sequence’ or ‘Joker’ for a rummy club. These are all names that good rummy aficionados can easily identify with.

Decide the Organizational Aspects of the Club

You need to decide the managing committee of the club. Who manages the club decides how well the club is run. One needs to be wise in the choice of people who are willing to take initiatives.

Plan Events for the Club

A monotonous club never attracts and retains members. For a club to be popular, one needs to organise good events. You may have rummy tournaments organised in the premises of the club. Make sure that the tournaments have many opportunities for victory. This will attract more people to the tournament.

Keep the Legal and Financial Aspects of the Club in Mind

One needs to take the proper license to be allowed to run a rummy club staying in this side of the law. Make sure you go through all the legal aspects in detail before starting off with the club’s running.

You can connect with your friends on Khelplayrummy app as well as other online rummy sites and share the rummy events of the club on Facebook pages. This will help the club gain the required publicity. The growth will be slow but steady. Give at least 5 years for the club to acquire any profits.

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