Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is a major video gaming company which is located in Water Tree Technology park of Liverpool in London.  It is a major part of worldwide known Sony Entertainment studios hence the name SCE that stands for Sony Computer Entertainment. SCE was founded in 1984 and later became part of Sony Entertainment studios. SCE is now completely owned subsidiary and part of Consumer Products & Services Group of Sony has its own 100 individual employs, and is behind operated by Mick Hocking, holder of Evolution Studios and Big Studios. Liverpool studio is the oldest and second largest studio of SCE and is famous for the play station which was released in 1995, and Formula One series of racing games.


Likewise, SCE is also the publisher of Lemming series, which are famous worldwide with a huge number of fan following players. The Colony War Series were later made and released as a part of the play station. SCE produces the PlayStation (PS) family of video game hardware consoles and handhelds. SCE is considered in one of the most trusted companies that offer good quality games to its users.  SCE games are played all over the world and are popular among the people because of its games. People can take these games with them on vacations to spend their time having fun.


Moreover, correspondingly, SCE offer a great quality of graphics and sound effects in the play station which grab the attention of people. The games can also be played on the internet and are easily accessible. SCE games are real fun to play with their high quality and speed. Several variations of PSP like, PS 2, PS 3, PSP, Pocket Station, PSP-3000 and PSP Go are released each with a slight variation from its earlier versions, also with renewed and updated software and hardware differences. Sony’s second console of PS i.e. PS 2 is currently the world’s best selling console of all times.


Furthermore, SCE are manufacturing numerous numbers of games with time in order to fulfill the demands of their players and to provide them games that are simply amazing. With passing time the standard and quality of the SCE games has increased. SCE uses a unique microprocessor in all the PS’s, their speed, animation, creative design, and high definition graphics are a perfect combination for an entertaining game. SCE offers a variety of games of different types to fulfill the expectations of different users from all age groups. A person can spend all day playing these games without getting tired. These factors matter for hard core game players who spend all the time playing games. Some of the famous games produced by SCE are God of War 2, God of War 3, Kinetica, Vengeance, Darker, Flink, Formula one, Formula one 2002 & 2003, G-police weapon and justice, Legend of Galahad etc. So, if these holidays are boring for you then grab an SCE and devote your time playing the fantastic games and have fun.

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