Now that hug day is around the corner, it is important for us to know what the benefits of a tight hug are. It sure provides an undeniable sense of warmth and comfort, there is however a lot more to hug than that. But sadly we have often been ignoring all that. When it comes to getting a hug from the one you dearly love, it is all the more beneficial. Given below are 10 reasons you should hug more often, this will not only be the perfect hug day gifts, but will also bring you closer.

  1. It Strengthens The Bond – Hug is one of the most commonly used gesture to show love and warmth, if you hug your partner often, it will only strengthen the bond you share and bring you both closer. And there can be no better hug day gifts than a stronger bond between both of you. So make sure you hug your heart out on the upcoming hug day.
  2. It Relaxes Your Body – When you are brought closer to the one you dearly love, and share a strong bond with them, you would naturally feel relaxed and more calm. When you hug your loved one, your body releases hormones called oxytoxins, this leads to relaxation and contentment, thus offering you two the best hug day gifts ever.
  3. It Relieves Pain – When you hug someone, your body releases endorphins, these are pain relieving hormones and help bring you at ease. These are known to cause a soothing sensation in all the tissues of the body. So whenever you are in pain, especially mental agony, hug someone. It will help you lot, you don’t necessarily have to hug only as hug day gifts, it can be done without any reason as well.
  4. It Increases Understanding – When you hug someone, you both come closer, share body warmth, adding on to the heat as well as understanding between you both. The oxytoxins released during a hug are commonly known as love hormones, and hence add on to the love and understanding between two people, thus forming one of the ideal hug day gifts.
  5. It Relieves Depression – Depression is caused due to the production of dopamine in the body, hugging leads to the reduction in the levels of dopamine, reducing depression and causing a boost in your mood. This also leads to an increase in the levels of enthusiasm and decrease of self doubt.
  6. It Elevates Mood – Since it reduces the release of dopamine, and increases the release of oxytoxin and endorphines, it can lead to an instant change in the mood. Therefore it is one of the best mood enhancer; it doesn’t cost a single penny and can make one a lot happier. The can be no better hug day gifts than a tight hug. So hug to more to boost your mood as well as of others
  7. It Alleviates Stress – Cortisol is the stress causing hormone, the production of this hormone is reduced when we hug our loved one, thus leading to alleviation and reduction of stress. This is another aspect that makes hugs the best hug day gifts of all time, so never shy away from hugging people.
  8. It boosts Immune System – If a person is hugged regularly by the ones they love, it makes them healthier as well as more confident about themselves. This adds on to their immune system as well, thus improving the overall health of a person. It might even make the person healthier enough to not fall sick at all.
  9. It reduces Worry – According to studies, a hug or a soft touch from a loved one is known to cause less worries and stress in a person’s life. So regularly hug the ones you love, this will not only relieve them of stress and worry, but will also be the best hug day gifts.
  10. It Improves Heart Health -Studies have confirmed that people who are hugged regularly have a slower heart beat as compared to those who are hugged infrequently. Frequent hugs and to a more stabilized heart rate thus improving the overall health of a person. So every time you feel low or tensed, go hug someone, and see how it instantly makes you feel better.

There is a common saying that goes ‘best of the things in the world are available for free’. Keeping in mind the benefits of a hug, this is certainly very true. A hug is truly a wonder, if it comes from the right person. A lot of the times the best of things and places are not able to bring us the amount of joy and satisfaction that hugging a person can cause. So this hug day give everyone the present of a tight hug, which will be no less than the best hug day gifts.

People often shy away from expressing their feelings, or the fact that they are in pain. One warm touch from you can completely change how they feel. It might or might not lead to breakdown of a person, but will definitely make them feel better. You won’t lose out on anything if you hug someone in pain, but the person will surely gain a lot and will remember you always for the warmth and kindness you offered, when they needed it the most.