Getting a website live is just the beginning because the real challenge starts from here and now. As you know, there are millions and billions of websites running live on the web. What makes your website special? Just because you have made it with your own hands, or spent a significant amount of time and money on creating an attractive website doesn’t mean that it will fetch you money after getting live on the web. You have to plan out some effective ways of generating high traffic on your new launched website. Here are the seven stupendous ways through which you can easily generate high traffic on your website.

  1. SEO: A popular term these days, SEO is an effective tool to improve the rankings of the website. You must be thinking that, ‘I don’t need to improve the rankings, I want traffic on my site’. Well, traffic will only come once your website is ranked on the 1st page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Nobody is going to the 14th page to view your website and saying, ‘Ah! Here it is!’ So, optimize your website in the first.
  2. Social Media and bookmarking: When are you going to use this platform? There can’t be a better time to make use of the social media than the time when you have just launched a website. Make a page, an account, a profile on multiple social networks and start posting content that you think is in relevance to your website. There are many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus and more and for better output you can try for new social bookmarking sites list from top collection here.
  3. Email Marketing: It is an effective way to lure people towards your website. Just make sure that you use good email marketing tools in which the graphics look attractive and informative. Don’t try to make spam mails because people just throw them into the trash without even opening them.
  4. PPC: In case, you have made an ecommerce website, then you have to make use of Pay-Per-Click. Create a campaign because it is the fastest way to get more traffic instantly.
  5. Local Listing: Local directories are quite effective in creating an impact on the local customers. You can find top local directories and make a strong profile on the top ones. This will help you get more customers from all around the country. Use of High PR classified sites list for promotion of the websites is really effective.
  6. Mobile Apps: You can create a mobile app for your business website and start promoting it on a number of platforms. This will help you gain more and more traffic because you are active on the mobile platform as well.
  7. Offline Ideas: Apart from the online methods to generate more traffic, you can make use of certain offline methods as well, such as creating attractive business cards, banners, pamphlets and more stationary. Make sure to add the website URL and social site links on them in order to redirect them to the main website.

These ideas are tried and tested therefore you should consider trying them on a new launched website.