Drone enthusiasts had to wait for quite some time and finally DJI Mavic Pro Clone is finally here. When you have a look at VISUO XS809W Multicopter, you will find that it looks like a stylish mavic pro undoubtedly. It does not pack the same kind of hardware as that of Mavic Pro but still there are a lot many similarities and let us find out more about it. Firstly, the multicopter is a foldable drone featuring Wi-Fi fpv which helps in transmitting the life footage to the smartphone. Secondly, the built-in 2MP camera records 720p videos with the 120 degrees wide angle lens.

If you are looking forward to a drone multicopter, then this is the best bet for you. If you want, you can control the drone with the help of a remote control or even from your smart phone with the G-Sensor. It is again interesting to note that the multicopter can do 3 dimensional flips and carries headless mode, one-key return and thus the drone comes back to the same space from where it took off. The fabulous Mavic Pro Clone has 3.7V 900mAh Lipo battery offering 10 minutes continuous flight time. Whether it is design, the built or style, everything is perfect. The 0.3 mp camera is adjustable and the tx controller has icons that are fully functional.

The cheap and portable VISUO XS809W Multicopter

This is the cheap FPV drone which is foldable and portable. While going for hiking, skiing, you can carry it in your backpack. You can go for 720p HD version which is priced pretty higher than the low resolution version. Before making any purchases, you may have a look at the live demo online. The super functional remote control quadcopter is the latest entrant in selfie drone race. As most drones are compact and easy to carry, this drone is easy to transport and has autonomous selfie mode to make the picture taking session easy and enjoyable for you. You can take attractive videos from the air using this drone multicopter.

The merits of VISUO XS809W Multicopter

If you are looking for a perfect selfie drone, you can choose VISUO XS809W Multicopter. It features high portability which was totally missing in the previous drones. The following are some of the worth considering pros:

  • Here the arm of the quadcopter is foldable and thus it is extremely portable
  • It is maneuverable and sports an amazing camera
  • It has a controller which may be used to control or fly the quadcopter. All the controller buttons are properly labeled
  • the quadcopter records good quality crisp and sharp 720p 20fps HD video to your memory card directly. The card may be inserted easily inside the drone.
  • If you want, you can swivel the camera lens to view the horizon and the sky.
  • It offers a good control and a range of 80 meters
  • You need not have FAA registration to operate it

So, from the above section it is pretty clear that the super functional drone offers the best flying experience in real time. The best part is the battery which allows a longer flying time. It has got 4.5 stars out of 5 on the major shopping sites.