First of all, let’s talk about the best social networks lawyers should be using. If you’re a lawyer that deals with abuse and family issues, Facebook is a very personable platform where you can interact with people on a personal level. If you’re a lawyer that deals with mostly businesses who are dealing with lawsuits, Linkedin would be your best option to target other local businesses. Lastly, if you are a lawyer or law firm looking to target a broader audience with educational materials, Twitter would be your best option for this type of content.

Social Media Programs For Lawyer Marketing

Now that we’ve discussed what social media networks to use, you may be interested in some social media programs that would help you get your content out a lot easier and quicker to help maximize your time for engaging instead of posting. The top programs to use would be:

  • TweetDeck
  • Hubblr
  • Netvibes
  • SocialMiner


In the past it seemed unprofessional for businesses to have anything but a face-to-face connection with their clients and customers, especially in law firms, but the age of social media just makes the experience less personal at first and allows for multiple branches of communication with current and new clients. TweetDeck is the twitter specialty tool and also a dashboard application. It specializes in just posting to Twitter and Facebook. This dashboard is not for lawyers or firms that rarely use social media. This is for those who post multiple tweets and Facebook posts daily.


If you wish to have a more international presence, the best option may be Hubblr. . It is another social media dashboard that is not just linked to English websites, but also Chinese sites. There is also Chinese language support. This platform helps law firms with links to Asia but also works just as well for sites in the United States.


If you are just starting out with social media and you want to market yourself, a great platform for beginners is Netvibes. Law firms that use the free version can take a closer look at their social media presence and post more specifically to their networks. Not only can you easily navigate, but you can customize for what works best. There is a premium service for nearly $500 a month, which includes access to analytics software. With the hefty price tag, most stick with the previously mentioned options.


One that may be the most technical is the Cisco SocialMiner. It learns about your priorities through the data. It will begin to intelligently prioritize your social media posts, so you can respond fastest to messages that are affecting your brand. The price tag, like Netvibes, is much more expensive than most platforms. This dashboard is around $1,000 so it is mostly for firms that want to focus mostly on their social media presence. This may seem like a lot but this part of the business is worth it.

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