Arriving to Houston, you should catch the Car Rent bus. It takes you to rental car services location. There are more than dozens of companies here. Each of them has something attractive and special. Choosing a car, try to learn the policy conditions. As a rule, it can be difficult for people to answer the most popular points in the application form: what kind of policy do you prefer? It can happen that the price for rent is equal to the policy price.

Texas is a place of cars. Everyone is driving. There is a tradition for people to move around the city by car and walk in the park. Of course, you face many museum-theater areas, where you can go footing here and there. AS for the rest, people in Houston used to go footing just to the parking place. You can hire a car in Houston airport and go to find a good budget hotel to get free hours. What are you going to do now?


Watch Movie Novelties in the Cinemark XD

Americans like watching movie. They like going to the cinema. There are many interesting cinemas in the city. All big city malls boast with their many-halls cinemas. You should visit Cinemark XD, standing apart. It was built many years ago as many-halls cinema. There are 19 modernly equipped halls there. The halls are huge, organized with the comfortable soft chairs. If you do not like film that you are watching, just relax and have some rest. You can try to move from one cinema hall to another to find something more interesting.

You can get to the cinema by car. The road is easy to drive and big free parking is available neat at hand.

Visit the Minute Maid Park Ballpark

Even if you know nothing about baseball, you can get some pleasure from watching this game. Do not try to learn the rules. The stadium atmosphere boosts spirits, helping you to spend time with pleasure. All big and small pauses in the game are filled with the numerous attractions and shows: winning prizes, trails and competitions. The stadium is always full of people. There are many competitions for kids. If you feel hungry, you are offered to visit the numerous restaurants and fast-food bars to taste traditional American hot dog, BBQ, and sweets.

Are you tired? You can walk around the stadium, looking for the interesting sport souvenirs in the team shops. You can also relax and watch the game. It is recommended to get to the stadium by car. There is a big parking at the stadium for 5-10 USD.

Baseball Brawl

Walk in the Bayou Bend Park

Bayou Bend Park is a piece of nature in the center of big modern city. There was a territory of Ima Hogg. The rich family bought the territory art the river and grew beautiful gardens there. You can see a big ancient house and rich parks around. These gardens are considered to be the most elegant in Houston. Ima lived for 93 years. She was lonely. So, the parks and the house were taken by the city government as the museum.

There is a big art collection in the museum, dated of 1620-1876. It is a pity, but you cannot take pictures in the house. Nevertheless, you can take pictures of a park. The park territory consists of several parks. What a quiet place! It is really calm and relaxing here. Walking along the park, you forget about the big city around. You can meet the musical bands, playing their music here.

Train Hard in 24 Hour Fitness

The number of fitness centers in Houston is big. They are different: big and small, cheap and expensive, elite class and easy to get. You can find many fitness centers only for men or women. The most of them work from 6 a.m. till midnight. Nevertheless, the most popular is the number of 24 hour fitness centers. They are usually called 24 hour Fitness Sport. They are closed just twice a year for big holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. It is very convenient to come and train at all times of the day and night.

There are many simulators in the center, basketball space, aerobics hall. You can choose what you like the most: yoga or gymnastics, sport dancing or body building. There is also a big swimming pool, Jacuzzi, hammam and sauna. There is a kids’ room. You can take your kids to go sport under the care of experienced teachers. It is free. Finally, you are offered to visit a nice shop of sport wear and coffee-bar. What do you want for lunch?

Do not worry about the prices. The family ticket costs about 60 USD. So, if you are fond of sport, you can come here to bring your body in a good form or boost your energy. It is great!

Visit the City of Attractions – Kemah Boardwalk

Houston is not popular city for having attractions. Jump in your car and go to Kemah. This is a small city, where you can have some fun. There is music everywhere, interesting attractions, sea aquarium, cafes, restaurants and big ship with the red wings. What a beautiful view! The city is situated between 40 miles far from Houston. You should not visit this place on Saturday and Sunday. There are many people on weekend.

Aquarium Jacki

Welcome to the huge Yacht Club of Houston. You can see fishing boats and big yachts. The aquarium attracts family tourists to have a good family photo from their vacation. The square between a big central hotel and restaurant complex is full of nice cozy cafes, fountains, running kids and their parents. There is a stage, where you can meet one or another popular rock or jazz band. You will like the numerous street attractions like swings, rollercoaster and others. It is hard to find another interesting place for having fun with the whole family, from baby to adult. Come and see!

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