Student days are the greatest period of your life! This is the time of new friends, new ideas, challenges and achievements. Being a student means exploring new cities, countries. Don’t stop. Think big. You are old enough to hire a vehicle by Payless and go in transit through the states and neighbor countries one by one. Fresh impressions are guaranteed. And it doesn’t take much time to use your smartphone and book a car beforehand.

Of course, you should study hard! But don’t worry at all! The newest technologies can help you to give as much useful information on the topic as it is possible. How to remember that? There are special tricks and advices to remember more and study well.

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  1. Use Different Learning Methods

There are many different ways to stimulate your brain. Don’t think that learning is boring. Try to use different learning methods to make the process interesting. Thus, you can read your notes today, learn the rule from your textbook tomorrow, and find useful information in the internet the next day.

  1. Stop Learning More Than 1 Subject in a Day

If you learn more than 1 subject a day you will get better results. Is this the way you think? Honestly, stop it! Learning too many things from different topics a day can be confusing. No sense in mixing subjects.

  1. Reviewing

Reviewing is the easiest and the most productive way to start learning. You can review the subject by reading material, learning main rules. All information that you learn go to your short-term memory. Reviewing materials take this information to the long-term memory.

  1. Take Front Seats

Look at that guy who’s sitting in the front? How about that smart girl who used to take the front seat and put her silly questions all the time? Probably, all those people always get good marks. They are not very good in learning but they always take front seats. Why? It helps you to listen to your teacher and stay concentrated on what he is talking about. This makes you more attentive during the lesson.

  1. Stop Multitasking

If you are trying to do many things at once, it cannot help you to learn better. From the other hand, when you are trying to learn math but still thinking about tomorrow’s date, you can hardly concentrate on what you are learning. Just check your messenger and come back to your study.



  1. Make Notes

Of course, using innovative technologies for study is really good. Nevertheless, if you try to learn from your computer only, it is not a good idea. It makes you slow in memorizing. Try making notes. It can help to make your study process twice productive. Which way? You read, think, and note. Your brain works to the full.

  1. Talk about Your Problem

Of course, you have no time to talk about your study problem in the exams period. Nevertheless, if you want to go out of stress and feel better you should talk or write about your difficulties. It was scientifically approved that students who used to talk about their problems before the exam get better results. Everything is simple. This process helps you to understand the root of your problem and find a way to solve it quickly. There is a rule: try to spend no more than 10 minutes a day to write down your stress moments. Analyze and come back to your study.

  1. Be a Teacher

Do you want to be a teacher? Just try yourself in a new profession. Make yourself to work hard, do as much as you can, learn more, and try more. It can be useful from time to time.

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  1. Make Pauses

Learning is important. Nevertheless, don’t forget about making pauses. You may try to make pauses in your study every 40 minutes. Don’t make it long. 5-10 minutes are usually enough to refresh your mind and focus. But be sure you don’t go to FB or WhatsApp to talk to your friends. That’s not a good idea. Just relax, stretch, have some tea or short walk. Let your brain to take some rest.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy dies is important during your study. It was scientifically approved that eating food rich in vitamin B can help you to increase your brain productivity. Where can you get it? You should eat eggs and chicken. If you prefer vegetarian food you should pay attention to cabbage, almond, broccoli, green lentils.

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There is one more thing. You have to sleep well. This may be the most important advice. There is no special recipe to study well. Just try to keep our tips and pay attention to what you do, eat, when you take rest. Working hard, don’t forget to refresh your memory by taking healthy food and using different study methods. Don’t be afraid to use new technologies. Such helpful apps as vocabulary, timer, online diary are right about now. After that, you have enough free time to go shopping, hanging out with friends, and even going to New York this weekend.


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