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As regards the unique WLtoys V950 rcmoment, it has the following unique features:

  1. Durability – Made from strong material, this helicopter is quite durable. Its anti-shock feature is all the more appreciable.
  2. Flexibility – This single blade helicopter is quite flexible. It is quite fast and the users are greatly excited with its enchanting experience. It can be switched in free manners. This helicopter is suitable for aerobatic flight. Steady flight is quite suitable for the beginners.
  3. This helicopter has the unique high power 1912 2830 KV brushless motor. Its handling and operation are quite convenient. It can be controlled in easy manners.
  4. Multiple helicopters can be flown together with the 2.4 anti-interference technologies. This helicopter is able to facilitate strong wind resistance.

Caution – It is a toy and children under fourteen years of age should not have access to it. The beginners should seek assistance from the experienced guys.

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